This would be so cool

Make the Bad Men Stop: Bama to Get a Real Elephant? « Loser with Socks

If we got a real elephant for the football games, people would certainly take notice, and it would sure put Auburn’s stupid bird in its place. It’s not true, though, I’m sure. There’s nowhere to put an elephant, either in the stadium or on campus. Tuscaloosa doesn’t even have a zoo.

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3 responses to “This would be so cool

  1. Is the Braves Journal yours? It is a good read, and yes Bobby Cox blew it.

  2. Mac Thomason

    Yes, it is, and thanks. I’m hoping to get the WordPress version up this weekend.

  3. If you don’t mind, send me the link when you move it? BTW, if you are importing from blogger to wordpress, it is fairly painless.

    I have a team blog, it is easiest to assign one user name to all of the blog posts when importing

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