Idea to sell hospital criticized-

The two Democrats, both African-American, on the Jefferson County Commission are protesting Bettye Fine Collins’ plan to sell Cooper Green hospital, and the Birmingham City Council has passed a resolution condemning the plan. The hospital doesn’t take any money from the county’s general fund, only from an indigent health care fund. Collins really wants to sell it anyway because it gives health care to the poor and she’s a Republican. Anyway, she says a decision will be reached during the commission retreat in the fall.

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One response to “Retreat!

  1. First of all, the Coop does receive money from the General Fund. Cooper Green’s operating expenses far exceed their revenues (by some $50 million). What makes up that gap? The Indigent Care Fund, which was some $45 million last year.
    Second, if you look at the Act that set up the Indigent Care Fund it clearly states that the money is for the care of indigent patients at any facility contracted with the County OR at a hospital or facility administered by the County. So what you have here is 100% of the Indigent Care Fund going to 1 facility- Cooper Green. Not the County Home not any of the other hospitals that currently treat indigent patients. 1 freaking hospital! I don’t know if you have ever been to the Coop- but its not the nicest facility- so send the indigents there…thanks.
    Back to the math lesson. So if we have a deficit at Coop of OVER $50 million or so- and only $45 million in the ICF what does that leave? Roughly $5 million. Guess where that money comes from?
    This is not rocket science. Cooper Green was clearly established to keep indigent (read POOR and BLACK) patients in ONE place. Essentially restricting access to health care. I would rather have a choice…but that’s just me. This is all public information BTW if anyone would bother to do the research. All it takes is a couple of phone calls.

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