Daily Archives: February 4, 2002

Scientific Report Roils a Salmon

Scientific Report Roils a Salmon War (washingtonpost.com)

Before the property-rights crowd gets all excited, the report doesn’t actually say that there wouldn’t be any harm to the salmon, only that there’s no scientific justification. Basically, until the salmon start dying, you can’t say that the lack of water will kill them….

I’m going to ask my sister, the Communist Trial Lawyer, what she thinks; she knows environmental law and used to live in Oregon.

My personal philosophy is that People Come First. But (there’s always a but) I can’t see destroying an ecosystem, or kill off an entire species, for mere short-term economic benefit. For one thing, there’s usually a long-term economic benefit to keeping the ecosystem running. Ask Atlantic fishermen if they wish their ancestors had fished a little more carefully. Exploit the world, but cautiously.