Daily Archives: February 24, 2002

New Clues Suggest Bin Laden Is Alive on Afghan Bor…

New Clues Suggest Bin Laden Is Alive on Afghan Border

If he is alive… does it really matter? I mean, I want him dead, but in terms of al-Qaeda, ObL is effectively dead. He can’t give orders, or even communicate — except in a low-level, messenger-service way, with notes or a smuggled tape. He’s no longer nearly as much of a popular figure. And eventually he will die, if he doesn’t get medical attention.

We need to remember that this isn’t a war against Osama; it’s a war against terrorism generally and al-Qaeda specifically. Osama without al-Qaeda is just one sick man, but al-Qaeda without Osama is still dangerous. If the choice is between continuing to hunt Osama or going after al-Qaeda affiliates in Africa or Southeast Asia, we need to choose the latter.