Arabs Rally to Protect Arafat,

Arabs Rally to Protect Arafat, Promote Peace Plan (

Says a lot about these guys that they seem more concerned about the safety of one old man than of many, many Israels and Palestinians. But then, they’re all tyrants.

It’s disingenuous even for these guys to act all concerned. They bear a lot of the blame for this. They’re the ones who won’t take in Palestinian refugees, or when they do reduce them to third-class status. They’re the ones who stir up anti-Semitism at every turn. The Saudis are spewing Wahabiism. The Egyptians pushed Arafat to reject the Clinton-Barak plan. The Kuwaitis expelled their Palestinian population — though they were admittedly provoked.

They got what they wanted — a war in Canaan. They should be happy, a lot of Jews are going to get killed. As for the Palestinians, hey, they get to go to Paradise, right? It’s a win-win situation.


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