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EU Leaders OK Economic Measures

EU Leaders OK Economic Measures

Well, how about that. The story isn’t too clear on what the ministers agreed on, except that it involved cutting red tape and “freeing Europe from the last vestiges of state monopolies”. Also, the French didn’t like it, so that’s in its favor.

A lot of the talk in the article is about energy deregulation; I wonder if Enron came up. Also, they’re apparently looking to invest in high technology, but if they don’t understand the importance of the profit motive I doubt it will do much good. And the usual gang of idiots was there:

The summit was followed by a march and rally by tens of thousands of protesters who banged drums, blew whistles and carried banners with slogans such as “Terror USA” and “Against A Capitalist Europe.”

Gosh. I don’t know what “Terror USA” means, but I’m guessing it’s not a statement of support for the WTC victims. I suggest — if it’s not too much of an overbearing, white-male, capitalist sort of thing to say — that the protesters explore grammar and syntax. It helps you get your point across.

My Books

On second thought, maybe the SF/Fantasy fan part is dominant. I look at my shelves, and I see Asimov (lots of that, fiction and non), Heinlein, Clarke, Bradbury, Andersen, De Camp. All of Tolkien, including “The History of Middle Earth”. Read all those guys at an early age, and if you don’t come out mortally confused, they’ll at least start you on the way to learning how to think. Then there are newer guys, from all over the spectrum… Terry Bisson, Kim Stanley Robinson, Robert Sawyer, David Weber, David Drake, Eric Flint, Spider Robinson, George Alec Effinger, Steven Brust, Greg Bear, Sheri Tepper. And that’s just from one set of shelves containing the paperbacks that are most of my worldly possessions and are threatening to crowd me out of house and home..

For N.C.A.A. Jury, a Top-Secret Vote Had dinner…

For N.C.A.A. Jury, a Top-Secret Vote

Had dinner with my family last night, and my father asked why the NCAA isn’t a state actor, since it’s mostly made up of state institutions. And my sister (the communist trial lawyer) and I said simultaneously, “Because the Supreme Court says so.”

Latest Attacks Stun Israelis and Dampen Hopes for …

Latest Attacks Stun Israelis and Dampen Hopes for Peace

“We look like the what? The Klan? Who’s that? Oh. Well, they hate Jews, too, right? Then that’s OK.”

No Consensus Among Israelis

No Consensus Among Israelis As Palestinian Fight Rages On (

This was something I was afraid of. Israel cannot fight indefinitely. The nation is too reliant upon its reserves, and they can’t stay in the field too long. They’re not professional soliders, and they have lives to get back to. (Also, taking that many people away from their jobs is going to wreck the economy.) And they’re not animals, as the captain quoted here says, nor are they barbarians. If there isn’t an attainable goal in sight, they are not going to cheerfully go off and kill.

The answer is not to back off, though. It’s the opposite. Turn everything loose and beat the Palestinians into submission. (Then, as Instapundit has said, let the Jordanians take over.) Israel can bring a fairly massive amount of force to bear, they just can’t fight a low level war for a long time.