Daily Archives: April 19, 2002

al Qaeda bank threat

CNN.com – Sources: al Qaeda linked to bank threat – April 19, 2002

Potentially, suicide/homicide bombing (CNN uses the older phrase) would be part of a plan to attack financial institutions in the Northeast. That homicide bombers (in forms like we see in Israel, rather than the spectacular ones we’re all too familiar with from September) would eventually appear in the US has been a given.

This information allegedly comes from Abu Zubaydah, the high-ranking al-Qaeda member captured some weeks ago. Apparently, he’s singing like a little bearded canary. My theory was that the government was going to pretend he died, then use his information later, after people had forgotten about him. Another brilliant theory shot to hell.

Speaking in San Francisco, FBI Director Robert Mueller said people should be suspicious of individuals entering banks who “normally don’t come into banks” and of “trucks parked alongside the building.”

In other words, racial profiling away!