: Survey: Majority Believe in ‘Pseudos… : Survey: Majority Believe in ‘Pseudoscience’

Imagine. What with the constant drumming of specials touting pseudoscientic claims on the major networks, people start to believe this garbage — who would have thunk it? (I’ll give ABC credit; they are by far the least likely of the big four to play to the crystals-and-aliens crowd.) Or when the foundations of modern biology are suppressed from being taught in schools by religious zealots, that only a little more half of those surveyed believed that humans evolved from other animals?

When sixty percent of American “adults” believe in ESP, there’s a problem. But hey, over half knew that the Earth takes a year to orbit the sun! (We won’t get into the complexities of that right now.) And almost half knew that humans and dinosaurs didn’t coexist! Now, that’s progress!

UPDATE: Laurence at File 13 has the list of questions for the survey.

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