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Pakistan Leader Talks of Democracy I’m sure he …

Pakistan Leader Talks of Democracy

I’m sure he did, but it’s not like he’s actually acting on it. And he says he wants the military to have a constitutional role in overseeing the civilian government, which is anti-democratic in the extreme. Not that I blame him; Pakistani democracy was basically a disaster.

Musharraf also said he won’t extradite the Daniel Pearl murder suspect. Rightly so, since he committed his crimes in Pakistan. But if Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh is not punished for his crimes, there will be hell to pay.

Myth of the virgin cure One of the world’s more…

Myth of the virgin cure

One of the world’s more loathsome irrational beliefs is the one current in South Africa, holding that the cure for AIDS is to have sex with a virgin. And of its many loathsome effects, perhaps the worst is that it’s unleashed a child rape epidemic.

You want to put a world leader on trial, how about Thabo Mbeki? He’s not directly responsible for this, but his insane views on AIDS have to be a contributing factor.

Smith stressed that rapists who acted on the myth, were “not necessarily monsters”. The reason for the prevalence of virgin rapes was a lack of treatment for the disease, she said. The rapists were desperate people, looking for ways of treating themselves.

No. They are monsters, and each and every one of them should be tried for rape and attempted murder. And if the law allows, hung by the neck until dead.

Weird Things I Have Cataloged Main Author: Pech…

Weird Things I Have Cataloged

Main Author: Pechner, Tal.

Title: Escalation of discrimination & xenophobia against minority religions in today’s Germany : a historical comparison to religious intolerance during the German National-Socialist era (1933-1945)

“Gosh, that’s a long title. And for such a small book, only 20 pages. I wonder what their agenda is? Oh, I see, it’s from the Scientologists.”

They send us lots of this stuff, for some reason. Most of it is attacks on Germany. But one of the weirdest things I’ve cataloged is Psychiatry’s betrayal : in the guise of help : creating racism. Frankly, I’m sick of this stuff.

Tampabay: Church targets lawsuit attorney The C…

Tampabay: Church targets lawsuit attorney

The Church of Scientology, natch. They’re being sued in for wrongful death, and now they’re trying to get an plaintiff’s attorney removed from the case. They say it’s because he’s guilty of professional misconduct and perjury, but if that was the case, why would they want him removed? Really, they’re trying to get rid of him because he might win.

BBC News | HEALTH | HIV-test fugitive awaits court…

BBC News | HEALTH | HIV-test fugitive awaits court verdict

The Jackass of the Week award goes to this guy, who ran away from the UK in 1999, and now is fighting a custody battle in an Australian court, all in an attempt to keep his baby daughter, who is HIV-positive, from receiving AIDS drugs. Why? Because he’s an “alternative therapist” (that is, a jackass), that’s why.

CNN.com – Transcripts CNN CROSSFIRE Should Pilot…

CNN.com – Transcripts


Should Pilots Have Guns?; Are Any Rules for New Media?

I caught a bit of the second part of this, and (as Josh Marshall has said) Begala was really giving Matt Drudge the what-for. (And Bowtie Boy was just sitting there and letting him.) There have been reports that the GOP is going to boycott Crossfire, basically because Begala and Carville are mean.

This is incredibly laughable, of course. Yes, they’re mean, but they’re just acting like mirror images of the usual Crossfire Republicans, or like any given Fox News talking head. Democrats are used to this, while Republicans usually have to face strawmen, or wimpy left wingers, or the occasional TNR Democrat.

Indonesian-Style Taliban Fights for Islamic Law (w…

Indonesian-Style Taliban Fights for Islamic Law (washingtonpost.com)

A group calling itself the “Taliban Brigade” is running around in Indonesia dispensing radical-Islamist vigilantism. They’re helped out by the regional government. This was one of the feared outcomes of the Afghan campaign, a rise in radicalism in other Islamic countries. And Indonesia, the world’s fourth-largest country, would be a lot more trouble than little Afghanistan.