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Suicide Attack Kills More Than 15 in Israel Hon…

Suicide Attack Kills More Than 15 in Israel

Honestly, how can anyone condone, or even excuse, this? I can’t believe it. Attacks on military targets are one thing, but this sort of murder of civilians is completely unexcuseable.

Technology for ‘dramatically better pictures and s…

Technology for ‘dramatically better pictures and sound quality’ arrives

The Huntsville Times tells us about that exciting new high-definition TV technology. Next week, they’ll probably discover DVD. Or radio.

AFA: Right-wing populist Fortuyn launches new book…

AFA: Right-wing populist Fortuyn launches new book

I do not know if the quotes here are real. I used to know a little Dutch, but have forgotten most of it, so I can’t track down the original. I suppose it’s possible the translations have been distorted. If not, Pim Fortuyn’s hagiographers have some explaining to do…

“Moroccan boys never steal from Moroccans. Did you notice that? We can be stolen from, but not them.”

“The mistake is made when we bend to the Jewish lobby. Not in the sense of compensation for theft and harm made to those directly involved or relatives , but in the sense of the general compensation which was handed out to all kinds of Jewish foundations, which can use that money, our money, for every purpose they want, even to hand it out among the poor. This action I put in the category, Once, but never again!”

[Migrants are] “a dead weight in society”.

[He is promoting a] “survival of the fittest society.”

That last is a real giveaway, isn’t it? He may not have been a fascist (I don’t see the anti-democratic stance I associate with fascism) but he surely was a social Darwinist. The American politician he most closely resembled, it would seem, would be Pat Buchanan. (The only countries he would have accepted migrants from were England, France, Denmark, and Germany. “Zulus”, anyone?)

Hanssen to Avoid Death Penalty Despite U.S. Qualms…

Hanssen to Avoid Death Penalty Despite U.S. Qualms (washingtonpost.com)

Why not? Oh, a plea agreement. Sheesh. If anyone should get the needle, it should be those guilty of treason.

CNN.com – Rolling Stones to announce new tour Tues…

CNN.com – Rolling Stones to announce new tour Tuesday – May 3, 2002

This is official, now; I heard the press conference at lunch. This will probably be really embarrassing, considering that Mick and Keith are both pushing sixty. (Hey, boomers! I’m 31, and not only have the Stones always been there to me, they’ve always been has-beens! How old does that make you feel?) But they’re always technically proficient, if not inspired.

They’re also releasing a two-disc greatest hits package.

Calendar Live – Will’s ‘Strategery’ Looks like …

Calendar Live – Will’s ‘Strategery’

Looks like SNL will need a new Dubya.

Uncle Bob’s Diary O’ Chuckles Who isn’t getting…

Uncle Bob’s Diary O’ Chuckles

Who isn’t getting a lot of hits for “Lisa Lopes Autopsy Photos” these days?