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Authorities conducting searches at Nuwaubian Moors…

Authorities conducting searches at Nuwaubian Moors compound

This sounds like a fun group. Take their leader:

Law enforcement sources said the group’s leader, Malachi York, was taken into custody outside the compound a short time earlier. Authorities were refusing to discuss the specifics. York, sometimes called Dwight York, served time in New York in the 1960s for assault, resisting arrest and possession of a dangerous weapon.

York has claimed to be from another galaxy and has said that in 2003 spaceships are going to descend from the sky and pick up a chosen 144,000 people for a rebirth.

Something I will never understand… Why do people follow crazy people?

ESPN.com: BOXING – Down for the count: Tyson’s PR …

ESPN.com: BOXING – Down for the count: Tyson’s PR firm quits

If you complain about your job — and who doesn’t? — just remember: You could be doing PR for Mike Tyson. This firm did it for five years!

Ananova – EU may get new ‘bar-code’ logo I don’…

Ananova – EU may get new ‘bar-code’ logo

I don’t know. It looks more like a test signal to me.

Then I read the article and the designer says he put all the colors of all the countries on the flag. (Then why not avoid duplicates, at least?) And it hits me; it looks like a distorted image on the web, one that’s been flattened or stretched out of recognition by bad coding.

"Overlawyered", my butt Limestone County, in No…

“Overlawyered”, my butt

Limestone County, in North Alabama, is building a new county jail on the site of a gas station. The county commission just voted to test the site for toxic waste. To protect not only inmates, but guards and other workers at the jail, not to mention construction workers? No, because otherwise somebody’s going to get sick and sue. Don’t worry, if the Business Council of Alabama gets its way, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

U.S. Argues For Wider Gun Rights (washingtonpost.c…

U.S. Argues For Wider Gun Rights (washingtonpost.com)

OK, the Justice Department’s made itself pretty clear it doesn’t have much regard for Amendments Four through Ten, and One isn’t a big priority either. They haven’t gotten around to Three yet, but give them time. But Two? That one they can’t get enough of.

Compare and contrast

Great Moments in Headline Writing

Compare and contrast:

CNN.com – Organic produce not pesticide-free, study says – May 8, 2002

Mercury News: Pesticides less evident in organic food

Boston.com: Organic produce has pesticides, too, but far less than conventional food, study finds

I don’t eat organic food: it’s more expensive, and usually smaller, plus it has poop on it. But this is a nice little spread of headlines, isn’t it?

Hey, guess what the Arabic News calls assholes who…

Hey, guess what the Arabic News calls assholes who blow themselves and civilians up!

“Martyrdom operation kills 15 Israelis, wounded 57, Sharon cuts visit to US.”

“Martyrdom operation”. I can’t take it anymore.