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Somebody really hates Adam Duritz I assume that…

Somebody really hates Adam Duritz

I assume that’s the reason that last night he jumped all the way into the lead in my poll, after being in fifth or sixth most of the time.


South Korean dog meat dealers cancel World Cup pla…

South Korean dog meat dealers cancel World Cup plans

Like many, if not most, people of Euro-American background, I have a visceral distaste for the idea of eating dogs. But that’s just an emotional reaction. Is there a rational reason to oppose the practice — not that a rational reason is always needed — or are condemnations by people who eat beef or pork on a regular basis hypocritical?

Using dogs as a source of meat is an inefficient use of energy. To some degree, that’s true of most animals — my understanding is that about ninety percent of calories are lost in the conversion from vegetable to animal — but it’s particularly true of dogs, which are of course carnivores. I don’t know how dogs raised for meat are fed today, but I think originally they foraged for scraps. I wouldn’t say this is necessarily immoral, though.

My opinion is that the relationship between dogs and humans is a special one. Dogs were the first domesticated animal, and have always been a partner animal in a way only the horse might match. I think it’s a violation of the partnership to eat dogs. But that’s not really a rational reason, is it?

My Speech to the Graduates by Woody Allen More…

My Speech to the Graduates by Woody Allen

More than at any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.

Yes, it’s graduation time! And I get to participate in the ceremony. Well, I have to, under penalty of being fired. And I have to wear academic robes, which I hate. The worst part is that the college uses black robes, which are bad for two reasons. One is that they soak up the heat, which is pretty oppressive already in mid-May in Alabama, even at 10 AM. Second, I have relatively fair skin and I look really pale in black. My description last year was that I looked like a “snowball sitting on a Franklin stove,” and frankly I felt like I was melting.

House Passes Defense Spending Bill (washingtonpost…

House Passes Defense Spending Bill (washingtonpost.com)

Hey, guess what? There’s money for the “Crusader” system in the budget! You know, the artillery weapon the Pentagon doesn’t want and Rumsfeld tried to kill earlier this week? Said noted one defense expert (in that running the triple option takes a QB who can read the defense):

“If we intend to have the best ground forces possible for force protection and future fire support, the answer is Crusader,” said one of those lawmakers, Rep. J.C. Watts, R-Okla.

Except, you know, not. But it’s made in Oklahoma, so OK!

Average top-paying job around? Biologist at $92,00…

Average top-paying job around? Biologist at $92,000

I like this list:

Worst working environment:

• No. 246 — Taxi driver

• No. 247 — NFL football player

• No. 248 — Race car driver

• No. 249 — Firefighter

• No. 250 — President of the United States of America

Siege Ends at Church as Palestinians Begin to Leav…

Siege Ends at Church as Palestinians Begin to Leave (washingtonpost.com)

Cyprus, which figured, “What the heck,” took the 13 exiles, but only temporarily. Now the fun of finding a permanent home begins. Funny how none of the European countries that have been so harsh with Israel of late want to take them, isn’t it?

Priest accused of molesting, suspended In Birmi…

Priest accused of molesting, suspended

In Birmingham and in Decatur (northern Alabama, near Huntsville). It looks like a pretty typical pattern; priest accused of sexual misconduct, ordered to treatment, kicked upstairs.