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Jurassic Carp

Jurassic Carp

Australians Plan Genetically Modified Warfare Against Invading Carp

Science is fun. Here’s Australia, worried about invading European carp, and they plan to fight it by releasing more carp, this time with a gene that will ensure only males are born from them. I’m sure nothing could possibly go wrong here.

“If you turn everything into a male, sooner or later the population collapses,” said Ron Thresher of the CSIRO, Australia’s national research organization.

I am not going to touch that statement with a ten-foot pole.

China Craze Threatens Asian Turtles Turtle jell…

China Craze Threatens Asian Turtles

Turtle jelly? I’m sorry that I seem to be on a pick-on-various-Chinese-people kick, but yuck.

“It’s good for my skin,” said 18-year-old waiter Jeff Cheung. “I eat it whenever I have pimples.”

God, I hate people like this. Leaving aside that it doesn’t work, grinding up members of an endangered species to cure pimples… I was going to say I hoped he got disgusting growths all over his body, but God knows what he’d do about that.

CNN.com – Report: Arctic warming imperils polar be…

CNN.com – Report: Arctic warming imperils polar bears – May 15, 2002

Well, for one thing a lot of them live on ice sheets over water, don’t they? If the ice melts, that would be kind of difficult… I understand, but dislike, the “symbol species” idea used by the (now one-and-only!) WWF and other environmental groups. It’s not just polar bears that are endangered, but animals of many types through the arctic ecosystem. But the polar bears are showy, and they’re so cute when they’re computer-animated!

AP Wire | 05/15/2002 | Dead Dolphins Found in Farm…

AP Wire | 05/15/2002 | Dead Dolphins Found in Farm Freezer

Oh, ick. This was in Taiwan, where dolphins are protected. The stories say that they’re a “protected species”, which is nonsense because “dolphin” describes several species of animal in at least two genera that I know of, but never mind…

Sources Say Pena Is Royals’ Choice Tony Pena –…

Sources Say Pena Is Royals’ Choice

Tony Pena — who had the weirdest catching stance ever seen (it looked like a dancer warming up) — is going to be the manager of the hapless Royals. Tony Pena, whose entire career I remember. I feel old.

Jimmy Carter’s speech broadcast to the Cuban peopl…

Jimmy Carter’s speech broadcast to the Cuban people

That vision includes a Cuba fully integrated into a democratic hemisphere, participating in a Free Trade Area of the Americas and with our citizens traveling without restraint to visit each other. I want a massive student exchange between our universities. I want the people of the United States and Cuba to share more than a love of baseball and wonderful music. I want us to be friends, and to respect each other.

Oh my God, how horrible. Stone him! Stone the infidel!

I am not using a U.S. definition of ”democracy.” The term is embedded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which Cuba signed in 1948, and it was defined very precisely by all the other countries of the Americas in the Inter-American Democratic Charter last September. It is based on some simple premises: all citizens are born with the right to choose their own leaders, to define their own destiny, to speak freely, to organize political parties, trade unions and non-governmental groups, and to have fair and open trials.

To everyone who was upset with Jimmy Carter going to Cuba — and I wasn’t too happy about it myself. — have you been paying attention the last forty years? Isolating Cuba clearly hasn’t worked. All it’s done is hurt the Cuban people and given Castro someone to blame for any problems. Oh, and made the US look like a bully. I think it’s time to try engagement, but that’s politically impossible right now. So we’re going to go on pretending that Castro is another Saddam. He’s a bad man, but he’s not in that class.

AP Wire | 05/15/2002 | Spanish officials: Terroris…

AP Wire | 05/15/2002 | Spanish officials: Terrorist attack thwarted

Their old pals, the Basque separatists of ETA, were looking to make an attack on a summit in Madrid involving leaders from Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. (Apparently, the latter two will be hitting the former up for cash.) Just remember, terrorism isn’t confined to the Middle East, and the Europeans do have a lot of experience with it. I’m not particularly impressed by the way they’ve handled it, though.