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More link reordering (I am anal) and a new region,…

More link reordering (I am anal) and a new region, the Texas Regional (because Texas is undefinable by mere regionalism). And I stuck a bunch of people into the Midwest who may or may not be midwestern. If you want to complain, feel free. I’d be honored — at least someone is reading.

The Miami Herald | 05/29/2002 | Public schools’ FC…

The Miami Herald | 05/29/2002 | Public schools’ FCAT results in Dade even with charters’

Test scores for charter school students in South Florida were pretty similar to those for public school students. They weren’t — as the headline says — identical. The charter school students did do better, but (according to the study) only about as much as you’d expect given differing economic status — the charter school students came from (on average) wealthier homes.

I’m all for experimenting with education, and the public schools in this country are badly in need of repair. But people seem to think that the way to go is to abandon the public school system, and I don’t see how that will solve anything. Either some people won’t get an education at all or the privately-run schools will wind up just like the public ones of today. That’s just my opinion, of course.

Brian Williams Succeeding Tom Brokaw in 2004 as NB…

Brian Williams Succeeding Tom Brokaw in 2004 as NBC ‘Nightly News’ Anchor (washingtonpost.com)

Huh. I should probably comment on this, but I find I don’t really have anything to say. I haven’t watched the network news shows for more than a couple of minutes since the the election. They’re not very good, and I can get all the information I need from the Internet or CNN. But you knew that. The news shows are dinosaurs and pretty much nobody watches them but senior citizens.

Gosh, I guess I did have something to say.

(I accidentally posted this to the old site. It’s a little dated now, I guess.)

Hi, I’m FBI director Robert S. Mueller, and nothin…

Hi, I’m FBI director Robert S. Mueller, and nothing is my fault! And I certainly wasn’t trying to cover up the bureau’s gross negligence! Please don’t fire me!

Gwinnett principal blasted for denying graduation …

Gwinnett principal blasted for denying graduation walk

An Atlanta-area high school student, paralyzed in a car wreck in 1999, wanted to use a walker and leg braces to walk to receive her diploma last week. She was wobbly but able to do so at practice. The principal, however, decided that wasn’t good enough and made her use a wheelchair instead, even though her mother had signed a waiver. Yet another in the long line of attempts to infantilize high schoolers.

James Woods is Rudy! in Rudy!

James Woods is Rudy! in Rudy!

More fun with referrer logs

More fun with referrer logs.

To whomever was searching for “NBC Movie we interrupt this program nukes”: You’re probably thinking of the 1983 TV movie Special Bulletin, about domestic terrorists who wind up blowing up Charleston, which I thought was pretty good. (The movie, not blowing up Charleston.)

To whomever was searching for “gory WTC death photos”, you need professional help. Never visit this site again.

And all the Malachi York searchers… Really, I don’t know anything about the man except that one AJC story. Sorry.