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Ashcroft Removes Evidence Hurdle for FBI (washingt…

Ashcroft Removes Evidence Hurdle for FBI (washingtonpost.com)

New Justice Department guidelines unveiled today give FBI agents latitude to monitor Internet sites, libraries and religious institutions without first having to offer evidence of potential criminal activity, Attorney General John D. Ashcroft announced at an afternoon press conference.

This explains the guy with the dark suit and the crewcut hanging out at the circulation desk. I was going to run him off, but he’ll probably open a file on me. Actually, this is a library at a religious institution (albeit Presbyterian — they’re not noted for producing terrorists) and I have a web site. Two web sites! I better call a lawyer.

Fun with referrer logs Yahoo! Search Results fo…

Fun with referrer logs

Yahoo! Search Results for arab beauty girl with big tit

OK, that’s just sad. Leaving aside the idea of desperately lonely men who are cruising the net for pictures of busty arabs, the construction of the search makes it look like he’s looking for one with only one breast.

Breakdown of my traffic:

About half hits from other weblogs, in particular Vodkapundit, Atrios, Possumblog, File13, and Dailypundit, or my old site. About a quarter direct hits. About an sixth, legitimate Google searches. And the rest, the totally depraved.

Diplomats Are Flocking to Israel, but No Peace Pla…

Diplomats Are Flocking to Israel, but No Peace Plan Seems in Sight

Well, lah-dee-dah. Personally, I think this headline says a lot about the dovish mentality. What we need is a peace plan! Well, I’ve seen lots of peace plans come and go, but I’ve never seen any actual peace. But as long as there’s a plan, it’s all right, even if children keep being blown up by morons in TNT belts.

Bush Sending Rumsfeld to Ease Tensions of India an…

Bush Sending Rumsfeld to Ease Tensions of India and Pakistan

Um… No offense, but I’ve never thought of Rumsfeld as being particularly diplomatic. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and I’d kind of like to see him get sent to Israel (where they’re probably sick of diplomatic types anyway) but this is a very delicate situation.

Of course, it’s possible that Rummy was the only person who was willing to go to a potential nuclear war zone.

TNR Online | Defense Secretary Ari Fleischer is…

TNR Online | Defense Secretary

Ari Fleischer is such an asshole. I’ve decided that Bush only keeps him on because he knows how much Fleischer annoys the press corps. Not that that’s a bad thing.

The American Times : A Modern Magazine I wanted…

The American Times : A Modern Magazine

I wanted to comment on Oliver’s idea, but Gena Lewis has said much of what I was going to already. I hope it works, and there’s no harm in trying… but I see it as kind of what IE did to Netscape. Even if it’s exceedingly well done, I don’t see a pay model working when someone can do almost as well for free.

Of course, this model would work better for writers of longer pieces — like Gena, for one — than for shorter ones. Thinkers, rather than linkers, by the den Beste model. (So, Mac, are you a linker or a thinker? Ringo voice: I’m a stinker.) That’s not necessarily a criticism, just an observation.

Fortune.com American Broadcasting Crackup Can …


American Broadcasting Crackup

Can ABC save itself? Probably not. Why do we need ABC anyway? I mean, what’s its audience?