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‘Son of Sam’ Killer David Berkowitz Denied Parole …

‘Son of Sam’ Killer David Berkowitz Denied Parole on First Try (washingtonpost.com)

Man, I really thought he’d get it. Better luck next time, Dave. Maybe he and Manson and Sirhan can start a club.


BBC News | AFRICA | Elderly ‘witches’ persecuted i…

BBC News | AFRICA | Elderly ‘witches’ persecuted in Mozambique

Sounds like a fun place. Some people die of AIDS, and everyone looks for the closest old woman to blame it on. They’re helped along by traditional “healers”, whom I’d guess would prefer nobody look that closely at them.

Professor Ricardo Duarte believes there are victims but, in general, the traditional healers “do more good than harm”.

Duarte — an ethnologist and not a physician — probably hasn’t had his house burned down by his drunken son who was told by a “healer” that Professor Duarte was causing the son’s impotence. Or been exiled from his home into a famine-stricken region for cursing people with HIV.

This is a mean-spirited post, but I hate people of this stripe — faith healers, witch doctors, “spiritual healers” of the oh-so-badly-named “Christian Science” movement. All of them. There was a time when this sort of thing had its place, but we know better now.

news.telegraph.co.uk – Divine mystery of leaking w…

news.telegraph.co.uk – Divine mystery of leaking water at Wailing Wall

Sages across the Holy Land were yesterday trying to fathom the significance of a mysterious damp patch that has appeared on Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall.

My guess is that Rabbi Levi Lau is closer to the truth: “Instead of looking for a spiritual explanation it would be better to ask the Israeli Water Authority.”

Seven baby fish feared to be snakeheads Yes, th…

Seven baby fish feared to be snakeheads

Yes, the Dreaded Chinese Snakeheaded Walking Fish of Maryland has reproduced. Apparently Wile E. Coyote has been brought in to deal with the problem:

State officials have closed the 9-acre pond to the general public and are setting up a panel to consider remedies. One possibility is stunning all the fish in the pond with electricity, then scooping them up as they float to the surface, officials said.

If that fails, they’re considering dynamite, or possibly a small atomic bomb. There’s also a video of the DCSWF/M. I love this story.

The Nando Times: Investigation of 1941 massacre of…

The Nando Times: Investigation of 1941 massacre of Jews in Poland closes

Swift justice, huh?

No charges filed. While it’s unlikely many perpetrators are still alive, anyone who believes that the only guilty parties were Nazis and a few Poles the Soviet puppet government convicted in ’49 is fooling themselves.

CNN.com – Bush’s Thompson booed at AIDS conference…

CNN.com – Bush’s Thompson booed at AIDS conference – July 9, 2002

Imagine, Bush appointed a right-wing, anti-gay, pro-“Abstinence Education” man — in other word, your standard-issue Republican — and AIDS activists booed him. I guess this is some of that left-wing violence they’re talking about.


Yahoo! News – Portland to Pay Homage to Andersen …

Yahoo! News – Portland to Pay Homage to Andersen

The AAA baseball Portland (OR) Beavers are having “Arthur Andersen Appreciation Night” July 18; anyone named “Arthur” or “Andersen” gets in free, and they’re asking fans to bring old documents to be shredded.

UPDATE: Charles Austin informs me that Pacific Gas & Electric owns the stadium in which the Beavers played. PG&E is a subsidiary of Enron.

UPDATE UPDATE: It turns out it’s owned by Portland General Electric, PGE, not PG&E. Oh, well, it got me a good laugh.