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washingtonpost.com: Biden: U.S. Must Consider Effe…

washingtonpost.com: Biden: U.S. Must Consider Effects of Ousting Hussein

Well, how’s this… Saddam won’t be able to build nuclear weapons and nuke Tel Aviv. How’s that for an effect? The fear of chaos shouldn’t keep us from action to fix a situation we know is only going to get worse. Ignoring Saddam won’t make him go away. The sanctions regime only causes human suffering and isn’t slowing him down much.

I’m going to be labeled a warmonger, of course. But I knew I would when I got into this. War is a terrible thing, of course. But sometimes war is inevitable, and this is one of those times. We can deal with Saddam now, or we can wait until he has nuclear weapons, but we’re going to have to fight him. Our choice is when.

Inevitable Biden Plagiarism Joke

When Biden was asked if he was running for President, he said “Yeah, and I’m gonna win.”

CNN.com – Hubble gets a taste of sun’s future – Au…

CNN.com – Hubble gets a taste of sun’s future – August 1, 2002

Scientists see clues in star, and it looks like a hamburger

I dunno. To me, it looks more like a yo-yo.

Yahoo! News – Ted Turner in S.C. Land Fight Nic…

Yahoo! News – Ted Turner in S.C. Land Fight

Nice to see the AP can manage to get a story up no more than a month after it was broken in the AJC. Though contrary to Instapundit, at least one liberal — and Atlanta Braves fan — has been paying attention from the beginning.

Jaws 5: The Unintended Consequences

Planet Ark : Atlantic sharks coming closer to shore – researchers

One of those unintended consequences things. Since the Atlantic has been overfished, there isn’t enough prey to go around for the sharks. So they’re moving towards the shore, where they’ll find something to eat, which might well be human.

On the good side, maybe they’ll eat the snakeheads.

AP Wire | 08/01/2002 | Powell Defends Talks With N…

AP Wire | 08/01/2002 | Powell Defends Talks With N. Korea

Of course he does. General Colin is irretrievably tied to the European worldview that says that you always have to talk, that “process” is important. That the “process” never seems to result in any actual progress doesn’t seem to matter. At least we’re having dialogue!

North Korea is a brutal dictatorship. All any “engagement” has done is string out the process of its collapse. Instead of tightening the screws we (and the South Koreans even moreso) keep bribing them. The problems aren’t going to go away by talking to the despots, but by finding a way to get rid of them.

You may have computer bugs – real ones Grossed-…

You may have computer bugs – real ones

Grossed-out technicians reported finding mice – live ones and dead ones – as well as bugs, marijuana and cash stashed inside computers.

Yes, that’s pretty gross.

Sessions-Kennedy bill on prison rape hailed Wai…

Sessions-Kennedy bill on prison rape hailed

Wait… Jeff Sessions is sponsoring a bill to combat prison rape? Together with Ted Kennedy? Wow. Good. I’m still not going to vote for him.