Daily Archives: August 3, 2002

Required abortion booklet expected to stir controv…

Required abortion booklet expected to stir controversy

One of these stupid pamphlets that the Zealots have foisted upon the world. It almost makes me feel sorry for the Montgomery bureaucrats who have to write and publish the damned thing. Of course, they’re charging abortion clinics five bucks a pop for the pamphlets they’re required to distribute.

I’ll give them this; over Zealot outcry, the State Health officer indicated he’s going to include birth control information. That the anti-abortion fringe didn’t want birth control discussed in the pamphlets tells you a lot about their real motives.

Tim Burton to film ‘Big Fish’ novel Daniel Wal…

Tim Burton to film ‘Big Fish’ novel

Daniel Wallace, a native of Birmingham, says he’s thrilled that a movie based on his novel, Big Fish, will be shot in his home state.

Hmm. The movie will star Albert Finney and Ewen McGregor as a father and son. It sounds like the usual horsebleep about the son who returns home to be with his dying father, like a hundred other movies that didn’t feature an Englishman and a Scot pretending to be two guys from Alabama. However, the involvement of the eccentric even by Alabama standards Burton would indicate that even if it’s horsebleep, it won’t be the usual horsebleep, but horsebleep of an entirely different color.

Here’s the Birmingham News story referenced in the first article. Mainly the film commission seems happy to have actually gotten a major picture based in Alabama filmed here for once. The football scenes in “Forrest Gump”, for example, were filmed out of state — in South Carolina, I think.

The Nando Times: U.S. seeking to cut peacekeepers …

The Nando Times: U.S. seeking to cut peacekeepers patrolling Sinai

Odd timing… This is just weird. They’re saying it’s because the troops are needed for the War on Terrorism, but that doesn’t make a whole heck of a lot of sense. There are only 865 Americans in the Sinai; surely the WoT won’t fail for the lack of a couple of hundred soldiers. If it did, wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to pull them from Europe, where they’re busy guarding NATO members from an attack coming from other NATO members?

The Nando Times: Seeking EU entry, Turkish lawmake…

The Nando Times: Seeking EU entry, Turkish lawmakers abolish death penalty

I don’t care much about the death penalty one way or another; I just ask that it be applied fairly and humanely. But I’m not happy at all about this sort of meddling from the Eurocrats. It is nice that Kurdish-language schooling and broadcasts were legalized, though.

The Nando Times: Uruguay police deployed to deter …

The Nando Times: Uruguay police deployed to deter looting amid bank closure

Uruguay’s always been one of the stable countries in South America, the one where you wouldn’t think something like this would happen. But now the country appears to be going the way of Argentina. Leaders are talking with the IMF, which might give them enough cash to get by in the short term. This being the IMF, it will have strings attached, and the IMF’s strings are razor wire.

Powell Still Plans to Meet Palestinians Next we…

Powell Still Plans to Meet Palestinians

Next week! The bodies from the University atrocity aren’t even cold yet. I suggest he wear a bulletproof vest, and get ready to duck.

Man sentenced in road rage incident You know, w…

Man sentenced in road rage incident

You know, when you’ve just been convicted of road rage, looking in the paper like you’re about to snap and charge the photographer may not be the best idea. Even if it’s justified.