Poll finds voucher enthusiasm fades over chance th…

Poll finds voucher enthusiasm fades over chance that public schools may lose money

WASHINGTON (AP) – Americans tend to favor the idea of school vouchers that help send low income children to private or parochial schools, says an Associated Press poll, at least until they hear that could decrease the money available for public schools.

Then support dwindles rapidly.

Jeez, what do you expect, people? If you want vouchers, the money has to come from somewhere. Either you have to increase revenue (meaning higher taxes) or you cut something else. And that something else would have to be the public schools. This is why, even though I’m generally in favor of experimentation in education, I’m anti-voucher. It seems to me that they will inevitably hurt many to help a few — almost certainly a white, middle-class few, and I say this as a white middle-class product of parochial schools.

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