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In which Ellen Goodman is late to the party

washingtonpost.com: Triumph Of the Lawn

First MoDo had a snakehead column. Now Ellen Goodman tries to bait the hook for one of hers with a DCSWF reference, though it soon moves on to less interesting things like crabgrass and dumb movies.

Milosevic Cannot Run in Presidential Election, Ser…

Milosevic Cannot Run in Presidential Election, Serbian Electoral Commission Says

Mr. Milosevic’s Socialist Party of Serbia wants to nominate him even though he is in jail and on trial for crimes against humanity before an international court in The Hague.

I mean, what’s wrong with that? But he’s banned from running by the Serbian constitution anyway, because he’s already served two terms. Didn’t he write the Serbian constitution?

The Nando Times: Domino’s Pizza tests dollar deliv…

The Nando Times: Domino’s Pizza tests dollar delivery charge

Well, if Domino’s pizza wasn’t one of the nastiest, stomach-churning substances known to man, I might be upset. But since I haven’t eaten Domino’s since I was in high school, let them.

Panel rejects guilty plea Medell Banks (IQ: 57…

Panel rejects guilty plea

Medell Banks (IQ: 57) pled guilty to murder in the death of his wife’s baby. Which never existed. The state Court of Criminal Appeals threw out the plea and ordered the case sent back to the trial court. Naturally, the county DA is saying he’s going to appeal to the state Supreme Court to uphold the conviction. Since the court is packed with Republicans, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets his wish.

I just can’t stand people who act like this. They know he didn’t do anything — that there was no crime — but they don’t care. They got a conviction! It must be upheld! Hell, he’s black and retarded, Banks probably is guilty of something!

Reuters Wire | 08/10/2002 | Bush Calls Iraq an ‘En…

Reuters Wire | 08/10/2002 | Bush Calls Iraq an ‘Enemy Until Proven Otherwise’

After he’s proven a negative, Saddam must then teach a pig how to fly, and finally walk across the Euphrates.

Hey, I think the Iraqi war will be justified. I think Saddam is building WMDs. But as long as the administration keeps up this dogmatic attitude of Mesopotamia Delenda Est, they’re not helping their cause around the world. Frankly, I’m starting to have doubts now, and I’m not alone.