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Except for the heat, feels like February Steph…

Except for the heat, feels like February

Stephen VodkaPundit is back from his honeymoon. And Sgts. Stryker and Schultz are both posting at the Daily Briefing again.

washingtonpost.com: Stones Help Trace Origin of Mo…

washingtonpost.com: Stones Help Trace Origin of Mongolian Nomads

Wow. Pushing sixty, preparing for a tour, and still they have time to help out Mongolian archaeology.

USS Clueless – An act of faith It’s apparently …

USS Clueless – An act of faith

It’s apparently Anonymity Day in the blogosphere. My two cents:

Atrios says that he stays anonymous in part because of employment reasons, that his current or future employers might not appreciate what he says online. I think that’s a valid concern. Den Beste is being a little naive here, thinking all that Demosthenes is worried about is social ostracism or losing friends. If I find myself in a situation where I have to choose between this website and my job, I have to take my job. And then I’ll start publishing anonymously.

I considered being anonymous here, but decided against it. In large part that’s because I’ve been publishing on the Internet since I was a student (and hence not open to immediate economic retribution). Of course, most of that was on baseball or entertainment, not politics. But I’ve rarely even used forum handles; I almost always use my name even in places where almost everyone else uses a pseudonym. At some stage I decided that handles — like, say, “A.G. Android” — were kind of silly, and so I don’t use them.

Plus I like seeing my name on the screen. So sue me.

Palestinian factions reject call to end attacks on…

Palestinian factions reject call to end attacks on civilians

Can’t have that, can we? It would throw hundreds of terrorists out of work. If Arafat’s bunch can’t even get Hamas, IJ and the rest to even pretend they aren’t going to target civilians, why should Israel even pretend Arafat’s in charge?

Troops involved in shooting at Ha’aretz’s Gideon L…

Troops involved in shooting at Ha’aretz’s Gideon Levy punished

They weren’t actually shooting at him, per se; they were shooting at a taxi he was in. The punishment (a suspended jail sentence for one, detention to base for another) seems kind of light to me, but I can understand why they might be a little trigger-happy.

(Via Sam Heldman:) UA scholar’s thesis blasts A…

(Via Sam Heldman🙂

UA scholar’s thesis blasts Alabama’s tax structure

I didn’t know anyone didn’t know Alabama’s tax structure was awful and regressive. I’m glad it’s getting some attention. For instance, 70 percent of the state is timberland. Two percent of the state’s revenue is property tax from timberland.

Interestingly, this wasn’t a business school or poli-sci thesis, but a divinity thesis for Samford University, a Southern Baptist school.

The critique’s theological premise is that Alabama must reform its regressive tax structure in order to be true to its strong Judeo-Christian tradition.

Theological commentary and Bible verses share pages with statistics.

The paper’s epigraph quotes Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew: “I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.”

As difficult as it is for me to be on the same side as the Southern Baptists (I was going to say “get in bed with”, but you know the SBs and sex) if that’s the way we have to go to do something about this state’s tax structure, then Amen.

Ananova – Frogs under threat from turtle invasion …

Ananova – Frogs under threat from turtle invasion

Frogs always seem to be under some kind of threat, don’t they? In England, “red eared terrapins” have been spotted in a canal. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are being held to blame. Really.