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NBC, J.Lo base sitcom on la vida Lopez I’m sorr…

NBC, J.Lo base sitcom on la vida Lopez

I’m sorry, let me check my eyes…

Okay, yes, NBC is developing a pilot for a series based on Jennifer Lopez’s teen years. We are in a parody of a real universe, aren’t we?

IHT: Hitchhiking species a threat worldwide Yes…

IHT: Hitchhiking species a threat worldwide

Yes, yes they are. So everyone remember — never pick up a hitchhiker. Especially if he’s not human.

Hamdullah Zedan, executive secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, said that a more effective international system to prevent bio-invasions is urgently needed.

More international cooperation is needed. But I get the idea that what Mr. Zedan would like is some sort of giant UN bureaucracy which would have inspectors allowed to go just about everywhere and look for invasive species and generally be annoying and violate privacy whenever. I don’t know that for sure, but I suspect it.

NEWS.com.au | Hamas leader arrested (August 29, 20…

NEWS.com.au | Hamas leader arrested (August 29, 2002)

Hooray for the Israelis. Abdul Haleq Natsheh is a spokesman for the terrorist group and their leader in Hebron.

As for Agence France-Presse, they call Hamas a “radical group” which has “carried out a wave of suicide bombings”. Apparently, that isn’t enough to be called a terrorist anymore.

Publisher sues after buying novel from man who fal…

Publisher sues after buying novel from man who falsely claimed he was Carlo Gambino’s grandson

I’m sure that Simon & Schuster (fondly known as “Simon’s Shoe Store”) wouldn’t have bought the book if it wasn’t good, right? HA!

CNN.com – Six found shot to death at Alabama house…

CNN.com – Six found shot to death at Alabama house – August 28, 2002

Oh, man. Long way away from me, but still.

SAT scores land Georgia in 50th place There! …

SAT scores land Georgia in 50th place

There! How do you like being last in something? Not so funny now, is it?

Fun With Referrer Logs And Homonyms Google Sear…

Fun With Referrer Logs And Homonyms

Google Search: From witch states are the space shuttles launched

I never trusted Florida.

Slippery Slope Update Airport security trainee …

Slippery Slope Update

Airport security trainee to stay in jail

Avrahom Yeshurom Kaiser, held on child pornography charges, to remain in custody until judge’s decision on prosecutors’ appeal

Kaiser was originally under suspicion for bragging that he could get a weapon through airport security. He was being trained for that job at the time. He was fired, and the Feds turned his life inside out. They didn’t find any sort of terrorist materials or inclinations. They did find a couple of pictures on his computer that they call child pornography; from what I know it seems very questionable that that was the intent, especially since it was only two pictures.

Anyhow, they arrested him. And now they’re trying to keep him in jail after a magistrate ordered his release. He’s manic-depressive and wasn’t getting his medication (no insurance, no money) and his mother says that’s why he acted up. I don’t know one way or another, but it sure looks like the government’s going overboard — again.

Can somebody figure out this guy’s first and middle names for me, by the way? It looks more Hebrew than anything else, but it doesn’t look right for that either.

Poll shows close race The two gubernatorial cand…

Poll shows close race

The two gubernatorial candidates each received 43 percent in survey

The poll was commissioned by the Business Council of Alabama, which as you might expect tends to support Republicans. (And is obsessed with “tort reform”.) They’ve endorsed Bob Riley. I’d tend to interpret a dead heat in their poll as reflecting an actual small edge for Gov. Siegelman. Normally that wouldn’t be good news for an incumbent to be tied or have a slight lead, but he was widely assumed to be doomed a few months ago. He was down seven points in an independent poll in May.

I’m still planning to vote for the Libertarian. Two percent of those polled agree with me.

Thompson: TV role won’t hinder Senate job I don…

Thompson: TV role won’t hinder Senate job

I don’t see why it would. Being a Senator — especially one not running for re-election — really isn’t a time consuming job. And the head DA on Law & Order doesn’t usually appear in more than about five minutes an episode. My guess is he’ll spend less time filming than he would have running for re-election. And the show’s in New York, so there’s not a long commute to and from Washington.

I like the show a lot, so I’m willing to be forgiving. If he took a job on Judging Amy or Providence or anything on ABC I might be less forgiving. But heck, he’s not my Senator. My Senators are busy getting things named after them and running for re-election.