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United Press International: Alleged shoebomber cha…

United Press International: Alleged shoebomber changes plea

To guilty. Huh. That’s an odd choice. He’s probably going to get life if he does this, and I’d think he’d at least try to get a deal. His lawyers say he doesn’t want to negatively impact his family. I’d think becoming a world-renowned bozo terrorist would be enough for that.

Why is it that bozo here might get life, while Johnny Taliban — who only took up arms against the United States and probably helped murder a CIA agent — gets twenty years?

And another thing. When Jim Jeffords was getting …

And another thing. When Jim Jeffords was getting ready to leave the GOP, the Senate Republicans kept talking about the “will of the voters” and how he shouldn’t be allowed to do that — even though legislators have been doing that through the history of the Republic, and there are at least three Republican members of the Senate who were originally elected as Democrats.

And when one of the evil Carolinians — Thurmond, I think — was sick, I distinctly remember GOP legislators in whichever Carolina wanting to change the rules so the Democratic governor couldn’t appoint a Democrat to the post. Where was the Republican reverence for The Rules then?

Finally, I also distinctly remember the Bush election team planning to contest the election and try to convince electors to switch if they won the popular vote and lost the electoral. It wound up the other way, of course, and they immediately turned around and said it would be against The Rules to try to get an elector to switch.

United Press International: GOP battles Dems on To…

United Press International: GOP battles Dems on Torricelli ballot

Okay, I’m not an attorney, a Yankee, or a Republican. But it seems to me that the GOP can’t campaign on a demand that Torricelli resign and then when he drops out say that he can’t be replaced on the ballot. Well, they can, but it’s hypocritical.

As for the claim that Jersey deserves a “competitive” race, or doesn’t, I don’t know if I agree with that, but they certainly deserve a chance to vote for a Senator who could actually win a race against a live body, and there’s no way Douglas Forrester could. Saying that Torricelli can’t be replaced is tantamount to saying that New Jersey has to be represented by a Senator who fundamentally disagrees with the majority of the state’s residents. What the GOP is doing is admitting it can’t win in a competitive election and that New Jerseyites don’t want to elect a Republican, but they have to anyway because that’s the rules. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make any sense to me. Of course, I tend to think that the reality of democracy is more important than its machinery, which probably makes me some kind of Communist.

Comedian leaves sitcom behind The guy who playe…

Comedian leaves sitcom behind

The guy who played Screech on “Saved By The Bell” is now a stand-up comedian. We have got to get some licensing requirements in that industry.

USS Clueless – Fantasy and Science Fiction Den …

USS Clueless – Fantasy and Science Fiction

Den Beste is making fun of the poster for Disney’s “Treasure Planet”, which is just what it sounds like — a version of Treasure Island set in space, with Long John Silver an alien or an android or pure energy or something like that. Ever since I saw that this was coming out I’ve been tickled by the idea of an SF character talking like Silver:

“Arr, Jim-lad, our starboard shields are are 42 percent.”

“Squire Trelawney, them scurvy Klingons have armed photon torpedoes.”

But I’m juvenile that way.

Disturbing Search Requests Yahoo! Search Result…

Disturbing Search Requests

Yahoo! Search Results for Ted Turner our missile in arkansas didn’t explode

I have no idea what this means.

Two high school students wounded in shooting So…

Two high school students wounded in shooting

Something weird happened at West End High School in Birmingham. Two students have been found in a car in the parking lot, both shot in the arm.