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After Indictment, Protesters Rally The proteste…

After Indictment, Protesters Rally

The protesters rallied as Attorney General John Ashcroft held a news conference inside the building to announce the seven-count indictment, which accuses Enaam M. Arnaout, 40, of money laundering, fraud and conspiracy to engage in racketeering as executive director of the charity, the Benevolence International Foundation, based in Chicago.

I mean, where’s the crime in that? Look, this guy should not have been held without charges. But now he’s been charged, and those charges are serious. And while I don’t know if he’s guilty or not, that doesn’t mean he’s being held just for being Muslim.

Disturbing Slate-related Search Requests Google…

Disturbing Slate-related Search Requests

Google Search: “Jack Shafer” asshole

Boy faces parents in court "Do you think we’re …

Boy faces parents in court

“Do you think we’re abusive parents?” Sharon Duncan asked her son, who has been in foster care since February 2001.

“No, ma’am,” said the boy, dressed neatly in a navy blazer and white shirt.

“Why do you feel that way?” asked his 41-year-old mother.

The boy’s voice was almost inaudible as he leaned forward in the witness stand.

“I feel that you all whup us because you all love us,” he said.

I’m not a parent, first off. And maybe children do need to be spanked — I don’t know how I feel about that. But I’m absolutely sure that they shouldn’t be whipped with a belt, leaving “bruises and abrasions”.

Libertarian Coffee concedes he’ll lose Well, as…

Libertarian Coffee concedes he’ll lose

Well, as long as he’s clear on that. It’s kind of refreshing having a political party that always loses.

House panel OKs billions for space plan The Spa…

House panel OKs billions for space plan

The Space Launch Initiative, based in Huntsville, got a $729 million budget from a House subcommittee; human spaceflight got $6.13 billion. It’s a big boost for Space Launch, which is supposed to develop the successor vehicle to the space shuttle. Maybe it’s my inner SF reader talking, but it’s potentially the most important thing in the budget. They’re also working on nuclear-powered spacecraft, which as you can imagine will make NASA very popular.

From the Ichthypundit State draft report says m…

From the Ichthypundit

State draft report says manatees no longer endangered

Computers say that half of the population will disappear in the next 45 years, but the State of Florida says they’re not endangered. They’re on the Federal endangered list, but the State of Florida doesn’t care. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Time to motorboat like there’s no tomorrow!

Bomber Kills One in Israel; Two Dead in Gaza Raid …

Bomber Kills One in Israel; Two Dead in Gaza Raid

Another incompetent bomber, though the results were bad enough. He was trying to get on a bus when he fell down. The driver and a passenger went to help him, then held him down when they saw what he was up to. Thwarted in his attempts at mass murder, he settled for killing a 71-year-old woman. Such nobility.