Daily Archives: January 30, 2004

Society for Creative Policing

Teen Uses Sword to Capture Prison Escapee

14-year-old hears a noise in the basement, so he grabs a sword and goes to check it out. Really, who hasn’t this happened to? The sword belongs to his brother, a soldier at Fort Riley, KS.

UPDATE: John Lott says that 99 percent of the time, merely brandishing your sword will cause an intruder to wet his pants and run away like a little bunny.

Joementum in the Toolbooth State


ARG has Lieberman running second in Delaware! Of course, he’s at 16 to Kerry’s 27, but it’s by far his best showing right now. Dean is third at 14 and plummeting like a stone.

They’re pretty close to Zogby in Missouri; Kerry 45, Edwards 15, Dean 7. It’s close to a walkover, and Edwards may have to pull out to protect South Carolina.


Kerry, Clark neck and neck in Oklahoma poll

Kerry 20, Clark 18, Edwards 13. Nobody else higher than 6.

WTNH.com – Poll shows Lieberman trailing Kerry in Connecticut

The patheticness (if that’s a word) of the Lieberman campaign continues. He’s not even winning his home state, and yet he won’t drop out. And the difference is huge: Kerry 43, Lieberman 18, Dean 8, Edwards 6, Clark 4. In other words, everybody else combined is still seven points behind the frontrunner.

Poll: Democrat Kerry Opens Big Leads in Missouri, Arizona

This is Zogby, for what it’s worth… “Big” is almost an understatement. In Missouri, the richest load of delegates next Tuesday, it’s Kerry 45, Edwards 11, Dean 9, Lieberman 4, Clark 3. Since you need 15 percent to get any delegates, Kerry’s in great shape. In Arizona, the next-biggest prize, it’s Kerry 38, Clark 17, Dean 12, Lieberman and Edwards 6. And South Carolina is basically a tie, Edwards 25, Kerry 24, Dean 9, Clark 8, Lieberman and Sharpton 5.

ARG will have numbers from Missouri and Delaware later today. Right now, I think Kerry will win every state but Oklahoma, and wind up picking up ninety percent or more of the delegates. It’s not over, but we’re getting there.

Still coddling criminals, I see

Cannibal gets 8 years

What is with the Europeans? A German court gives eight and a half years to a guy who killed and ate somebody. I suppose this was splitting the difference. The prosecution wanted a life sentence (isn’t that, like, a human rights violation?) while the defense wanted it called a “mercy killing” which carries a five-year max sentence. Why not just fine him?

Saletan is toast

The South Carolina Debate – Twigs, idears, and Benedict Arnold come to Dixie. By William Saletan

Apparently, references to “Benedict Arnold” don’t play in the South, either because we never heard of him or because we’re all basically from another country. Or we’re all traitors. Bite me, Saletan.

More copycats

Biblical monument near NU planned

A Nevada City church is planning its own Granite Calf to erect opposite a high school. This one will be bigger than St. Roy’s, five feet high. It’s on private land, so they can do whatever they want, I suppose. Presumably they think this will teach the kiddies to obey their elders and not play loud music or wear big pants, or something. They are still playing loud music and wearing big pants, right?

Dean can’t afford toast

USATODAY.com – Candidates feel cash crunch

How do you run through $40 million in Iowa and New Hampshire? And lose? I’ve seen some bad Presidential campaigns before, but this one… I was predicting that Dean would hold onto Delaware, but I think that’s out. I’d be surprised if he finishes higher than third anywhere without TV ads. He’s in a distant second-place tie with Edwards in Michigan, a state he’s counting on.

Why doesn’t Joe Lieberman just go away? Does anyone have an answer?