Kerry, Clark neck and neck in Oklahoma poll

Kerry 20, Clark 18, Edwards 13. Nobody else higher than 6.

WTNH.com – Poll shows Lieberman trailing Kerry in Connecticut

The patheticness (if that’s a word) of the Lieberman campaign continues. He’s not even winning his home state, and yet he won’t drop out. And the difference is huge: Kerry 43, Lieberman 18, Dean 8, Edwards 6, Clark 4. In other words, everybody else combined is still seven points behind the frontrunner.

Poll: Democrat Kerry Opens Big Leads in Missouri, Arizona

This is Zogby, for what it’s worth… “Big” is almost an understatement. In Missouri, the richest load of delegates next Tuesday, it’s Kerry 45, Edwards 11, Dean 9, Lieberman 4, Clark 3. Since you need 15 percent to get any delegates, Kerry’s in great shape. In Arizona, the next-biggest prize, it’s Kerry 38, Clark 17, Dean 12, Lieberman and Edwards 6. And South Carolina is basically a tie, Edwards 25, Kerry 24, Dean 9, Clark 8, Lieberman and Sharpton 5.

ARG will have numbers from Missouri and Delaware later today. Right now, I think Kerry will win every state but Oklahoma, and wind up picking up ninety percent or more of the delegates. It’s not over, but we’re getting there.

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