Still coddling criminals, I see

Cannibal gets 8 years

What is with the Europeans? A German court gives eight and a half years to a guy who killed and ate somebody. I suppose this was splitting the difference. The prosecution wanted a life sentence (isn’t that, like, a human rights violation?) while the defense wanted it called a “mercy killing” which carries a five-year max sentence. Why not just fine him?

6 responses to “Still coddling criminals, I see

  1. Well, the guy didn’t technically murder him. The “victim” responded to an ad in which the killer professed an interest to kill and eat someone. The guy just allowed himself to be killed. I’m not sure whether that’s really a crime or not.


  2. In any civilized country, killing a healthy individual, even if that person wants to die, is a crime. Is murder. The guy would still be alive but for this person.

  3. Yeah, it’s generally assumed in civilized nations that someone who wants to die is in need of psychiatric treatment, not a handy executioner.

  4. No one can “consent” to being murdered.

    It’s murder. The man is a reprobate. The German court system is stained by this, a new low even for them.

    I suppose Mengele would have got off with probation if he just ate parts of his victims. As a German-American I am deeply ashamed.

  5. [tasteless wisecrack]
    What condiments were used?
    [/tasteless wisecrack]

    Kevorkian is in prison, as I recall.

  6. The Libertarians must be going crazy. Europe is a nanny state. Contracts are good. Mental illness doesn’t really exist. Murder is bad. Contracts are good. *head explode*

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