Comments on Howard Dean’s rails against Kerry & lobbyists

First, Haggai, keep posting. You may have angered me, but it’s more a DISAPPOINTMENT factor by virtue of you being an Israeli and I am holding you a better standard on the issue.

Anyway, when Howard Dean talks about “not being beholden to special interests and lobbyists like John Kerry”, everyone seems to think that’s a positive.

As a big supporter of AIPAC, I know all to well that a DEAN Presidency means bad things for Israel because he may shut a group like them out, and they are one of the main reasons Israel can usually count on support from both parties in power though they should get it because they are a Democratic led Government; they don’t, and we count on AIPAC a lot.

Someone like Dean could firebomb that relationship which does a lot of good thing and educates a lot of people on the Middle East crisis that you don’t hear from a Palestinian friendly media.

I don’t want to “renegade” president who’s going to overthrow the system so much that you have no idea what to expect from day to day. This is not a good thing for normal, middle of the road Americans like myself and like the majority of America.

Point in fact, MOST Americans are MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.

One response to “Comments on Howard Dean’s rails against Kerry & lobbyists

  1. I’m not exactly an Israeli. I was born there, and almost all of my extended family lives there, but I never did, at least not since I was an infant. I grew up in Kentucky.

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