I have a headache

Student’s Motrin case postponed

This ridiculous zero-tolerance case — where a good student was suspended a month and sent to alternative school for taking a Motrin — has been postponed for three more months while attorneys prepare for the case. Yes, attorneys. Because the school system can’t just admit that this is an insane overreaction, this is going to trial.

2 responses to “I have a headache

  1. Hey Mac, I’m a former school teacher. Try to look at this from a different view. Let’s say this bright, well-behaved, honor roll student has a headache and you, as a teacher, see the student borrow an asprin from another student, take it and then have an allergic reaction to it getting very sick and maybe even dying. What happens next? Simply put, you could be put on suspension (even fired… though tenure would make it long drawn out process), maybe arrested and most certainly sued for every penny you have. Not to mention you probably feel terrible inside anyway because of what happened to one of your students. Not a pretty scenario.

    I don’t know if this case going to court will really solve anything or not but if it goes to court AND THE STATE LOSES then that’ll be one more step towards removing the teachers’ liability for stupid things like this. I once taught at a school where I was told by staff members to join the AEA and purchase the liability insurance but to NOT put an AEA sticker on my car. Why? Because if the students know you are a member of the AEA and have the liability insurance then their parents are more likely to sue because they KNOW they can get the AEA (more accurately NEA) to pay off. I even had a student ask me one time if I was an AEA member and I *LIED* saying that it was just a waste of my money to join. Oy… Yes, it’s gotten to that point.

  2. That’s (basically) what the school system is saying. I don’t really agree, and the punishment is way out of line for the “offense”. They treat it as a major drug offense.

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