This weekend in Roy – News – Little Support For Abolishing Judicial Commission

While the Followers of Roy want to get rid of the Judicial Inquiry Commission that indicted him, they don’t have very many supporters in the state legislature. Only 22 percent of House members agree, and only one Senator. Why? Well, for one thing legislators know that Roy doesn’t have that many fervent believers. But for another, if they got rid of the JIC and the Court of the Judiciary, the legislators would have to do the disciplining themselves and they want no part of it. That’s why they set this up to begin with.

Judge sets timetable for suit over Moore ouster

Bill Pryor has until Feb. 18th to respond to the lawsuit filed by a “Christian talk show host” trying to get Roy’s dismissal overturned. It’s a ridiculous lawsuit that should have been thrown out of court.

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