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More copycats

Biblical monument near NU planned

A Nevada City church is planning its own Granite Calf to erect opposite a high school. This one will be bigger than St. Roy’s, five feet high. It’s on private land, so they can do whatever they want, I suppose. Presumably they think this will teach the kiddies to obey their elders and not play loud music or wear big pants, or something. They are still playing loud music and wearing big pants, right?

Dean can’t afford toast – Candidates feel cash crunch

How do you run through $40 million in Iowa and New Hampshire? And lose? I’ve seen some bad Presidential campaigns before, but this one… I was predicting that Dean would hold onto Delaware, but I think that’s out. I’d be surprised if he finishes higher than third anywhere without TV ads. He’s in a distant second-place tie with Edwards in Michigan, a state he’s counting on.

Why doesn’t Joe Lieberman just go away? Does anyone have an answer?

I have no comment on this story

Hawaiian Community Fights Alien Seaweed

I just want to point out that once again the Tuscaloosa News put this in the “Alabama” section of its website. I guess whatever computer or low-paid intern does the selecting read the word “Alien” as “Alabama”.

Pat Schroeder is the devil

A fight over the price of textbooks

You see what Alex feels about Howard Dean? That’s how I feel about congresswoman-turned-publisher shill Pat Schroeder.

If you aren’t in college and don’t have college-aged kids, (or private-school-attending kids) you may not have noticed, but textbook prices have soared in recent years. There’s no reason for it, really, except that the publishers can make a lot of money selling $100 textbooks to college students. I asked a couple of students here, and the cheapest textbook they have is about $60. It’s a paperback.

This is exacerbated by something that again you may not have noticed. In the last five or ten years, it’s become commonplace for publishers to issue new editions every year or two, rather than wait four or five years as they once did. That way, students can’t buy used textbooks and/or can’t sell theirs back to the bookstore.

Crying Pat thinks this is just great:

But Pat Schroeder, president and CEO of the Association of American Publishers, said it was important to bear in mind that authors and publishers profit only from sales of new books, whereas bookstores profit each time they resell a book.

“It sounds like we’re the ones that buy them all back,” Schroeder said. “We don’t.

“There are many major publishers, and they’re all competing,” she said. “What they’re doing is what the professor ordered, and they say these [extras] are needed. They are the customer.”

It’s all the miracle of competition! That’s why the book that costs $10 to make costs $100! That’s why the CD that costs fifty cents to make can’t be sold separately! That’s why they change the text every year so they can guarantee ever bigger profits! It’s competition!

Sounds like Pat needs to read some economics textbooks. Maybe she can take out a loan.

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Beaten man

Riley to oppose broad tax increases

Other than some raises in fees, he’s opposed to pretty much any tax increases now. Apparently the disaster of last year’s tax plan has driven him completely back into the arms of Republican orthodoxy. The legislature seems willing to go along. So get ready for even deeper cuts. I hope we still have a state in two years. Maybe I can secede and join Georgia or something.

Generic Roy Moore headline #14

Pryor opposes Moore’s appeal

Bill Pryor filed his brief opposed St. Roy’s doomed appeal to the special Supreme Court yesterday. The brief ran to 71 pages but seemingly can be summed up as follows: Roy Moore’s lawyers are as bananas as their client and their claims are beneath contempt. He says it in a more formal fashion, of course.

The Moore team wants to have oral arguments in the case. State lawyers oppose this, probably because they know it’s pointless and will only be used to give St. Roy another chance to spew his garbage.

South Carolina Debate

At this point, it’s become the same rhetoric over & over & over.


If you were that popular, you wouldn;t need to repeat the story everywhere.

Al Sharpton & Dennis Kucinich: PLEASE GO AWAY. Please. Stop speaking. Stop giving these men microphones. I wish the Democratic party would put a leash on their joke candidates already.

Howard Dean: ANSWER THE QUESTION STUPID. You fired the guy that made someone out of you, Joe Trippi, so have some BALLS and admit you fired him. You lied on national TV tonight about that, you scum sucking, xenophobic, bottom feeding, Vermont liberal to the nth degree. I hate you. and stop taking uneccessary swings at Kerry–it makes you look desperate. Also, stop saying you don’t have to win any of the Tuesday states. You are an IDIOT. Does the word MOMENTUM mean anything to you?

Wesley Clark: GO AWAY as well. You are hurting John Edwards.

I actually have nothing bad so far to say tonight to Kerry & Edwards; in my book, this makes them the front runners.

Sinking ship

That’s It, I’m Out @ Oliver Willis: Like Kryptonite to Stupid

O-Dub has given up on Dean, calling that campaign “the Enron of politics”. (I thought Enron was the Enron of politics.) Come back to Edwards, Oliver. All is forgiven.

“Littlest Groom” update

New York Daily News – TV and Radio – Li’l People say ‘Groom’ slights ’em

Lord knows, I try not to mock people for being different. Instead, I mock people for being stupid. Therefore, I give you Matt Roloff, President of the Little People of America, who is upset about Fox’s latest venture into public humiliation. He’s not upset about the idea of a show about a small person picking a bride. He’s just against him getting to choose between small and normal-sized people. He says that if the star of the show picks a normal-sized person it would be “detrimental to our psyche”.

Good for Lincoln

Lincoln gets tough on animal cruelty

Lincoln County, TN is trying to crack down on animal cruelty by enforcing jail time. It’s just a misdemeanor (not a felony like in Alabama) but can still be up to a year in jail.