Daily Archives: February 3, 2004

Ruins of Tuscaloosa

Went out with the digital camera this afternoon, took some pictures, mostly at Capitol Park. Tuscaloosa was the state capital in the 1830s and 1840s, and the park holds the remains of the capitol building. It’s kind of weird living in a city with ruins. Eventually, I’ll try to get all the pictures up, but here’s one:

Capitol Photos 019.jpg

On the right is the outside of the northern part of the old central chamber, facing towards the river. The low wall on the left front must be the outside wall of the building. The building was a small place, but it was a small state.

I hate Rodgers and Hammerstein too

Clark now has a whopping 760-vote lead in the closest primary yet. Why am I obsessed with this? Is there something wrong with me?

I hate ties

Okay, now 81 percent of the votes are in in Oklahoma, and Edwards is leading Clark. By 63 votes. This is getting silly.


Lieberman’s out. It’s about time. Now maybe he can explain why he was still wasting his time this past week. And his third place finish in the race for third last week.

The Later State

CNN.com 2004 Primaries — Oklahoma

Come on, Oklahoma! Make up your mind! Clark and Edwards are, with four percent in, both listed at 29 percent, with Kerry at 23. And these are tiny numbers. Clark’s actual lead is 146 votes. Wait, now it’s 30-29 and Clark’s lead is 270 votes. Big difference! For what it’s worth, CNN’s exit poll apparently shows Edwards with the slightest of leads, perhaps less than one percent. (I’m just extrapolating since they don’t seem to have universal numbers. They’re even among women but Edwards was one point higher among men. It could easily be a tie.)

Anyway, you know how the pundits will spin this. If Edwards wins by a few hundred votes, it’s a huge victory for him and Clark is dead. If Clark wins by a few hundred votes, they’re even as the anyone-but-Kerry candidate. Does this make any sense? Of course not. But there it is.

No surprise there, but…

CNN.com – Kerry will take Missouri, Delaware, CNN projects – Feb. 3, 2004

It’s the percentages that’ll be interesting. He had huge leads in these states, and we’ll see how much of those hold up. And also if anyone else can pick up delegates.

There are no returns posted yet from those states. But the ones from Oklahoma are trickling in. It’s only one percent, so we’re talking hundreds of votes, but Edwards does have an early lead with 31 percent to Clark’s 28. I’ve a feeling that state’s going to be awhile.

Current South Carolina numbers — about half in — have Edwards 45, Kerry 30, Sharpton 9. Edwards would get 25 delegates and Kerry 14.

As I typed, a few numbers came in. Those from Missouri have Kerry 46, Edwards 25, Dean 10. That would almost be a victory for Edwards. Clark has “surged” to a lead in Oklahoma, but we’re talking a difference of 32 votes here.

Who’s the slanderer?

CNN.com – White House, GOP defend Bush’s military record – Feb. 3, 2004

Ed Gillespie is calling Terry McAuliffe “slanderous” for bringing up the AWOL allegations. He also compared McAuliffe to John Wilkes Booth. Who’s the slanderer here?

And don’t call it a “military record”. He was in the freaking Air National Guard, when he bothered to show up at all. It’s one step up from junior ROTC. John Kerry had a military record. John McCain had a military record. Wesley Clark had a military record. George Bush occasionally flew a plane around Texas because his daddy kept him out of the war.