Daily Archives: February 5, 2004

Les Ethics

Les Moonves’ Hole Keeps Getting Deeper and Deeper

The MoveOn.org ad? Oh, you can’t play that, it’s an issue ad.

The Bush White House’s (taxpayer-paid-for) Medicare propaganda ad? Sure thing, boss!

Boats on the Black Warrior

Picture of the day. It’s pretty self-explanatory: You have a party-type boat (they paddle around the river, at least during the warm months) and barges being pushed by a working boat, a tugboat. The bridge in the background is US 82.

I never trusted raccoons anyway

Warrant Issued for Ga. Raccoon Killing

I don’t know… Erik Zimmerman is charged for shooting a raccoon Dec. 12. The raccoon was messing around the trash containers and he used a pellet gun. Frankly, it seems fairly reasonable to me.

That his frat brothers then skinned and ate it is another matter.

My territory violated

HoustonChronicle.com – Comics

Though after all the copyrights I’ve violated, I don’t have much of a case.

(Graciously pointed out by Charles Kuffner.)


School’s Deal With MTV Ends in a Flash

The fallout from Wardrobemalfunctiongate continues. A high school in Laguna Beach cancelled an agreement they had with MTV allowing the network to film a reality show there. Apparently parents were outraged that they saw Janet Jackson’s boobies in an MTV production. Frankly, I have to wonder if they’d ever seen any MTV productions before, because nobody looks dignified on MTV. If I had a teenage daughter, there’s no way in hell I’d let her be on MTV.

Read the whole thing

Moore’s case validates system

From the beginning, the Montgomery Advertiser has been the place to go to see the arguments of Roy Moore and his disciples get the distainful treatment they deserve. Their latest effort — to disestablish the Judicial Inquiry Commission for following the Canons of Judicial Ethics — is no exception. Just a brief quote, two short sentences:

Actually, Moore’s case validates the system. It worked precisely as it is supposed to work.

Falling out of love with George

WORLD February 14, 2004: Doubts about “W”

The Roy Moore for President meme is spreading some more. Now World Magazine — which appears to be some sort of right-wing religious fanatic journal, but I really don’t want to read any more than I have to — is issuing vague warnings about wingers deserting the President. If Bush doesn’t cut spending and start persecuting homosexuals, the wingers will throw their support to St. Roy.

Hmmm… “President Kerry”. I could get used to that.

More WorldWORLD February 14, 2004: Teach the 10

Roy Moore is just super, and let’s teach the Bible in public schools! Contains political arguments cadged from both The Lord of the Rings and Braveheart.