Boats on the Black Warrior

Picture of the day. It’s pretty self-explanatory: You have a party-type boat (they paddle around the river, at least during the warm months) and barges being pushed by a working boat, a tugboat. The bridge in the background is US 82.

2 responses to “Boats on the Black Warrior

  1. I like the pre-game atmosphere at the University of Tennessee’s home games–with the “tail-gating” on the river. With the Black Warrior River so close to Bryant-Denny Stadium, can’t the Corps of Engineers dredge a canal over to the stadium so that we can park our boats outside and have a great time? It would cost less and be more productive than a lot of other projects they have had.

  2. Well, the campus is something like 50 feet, maybe more, above the river. So you’d have to climb a long way up to get to the stadium.

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