Falling out of love with George

WORLD February 14, 2004: Doubts about “W”

The Roy Moore for President meme is spreading some more. Now World Magazine — which appears to be some sort of right-wing religious fanatic journal, but I really don’t want to read any more than I have to — is issuing vague warnings about wingers deserting the President. If Bush doesn’t cut spending and start persecuting homosexuals, the wingers will throw their support to St. Roy.

Hmmm… “President Kerry”. I could get used to that.

More WorldWORLD February 14, 2004: Teach the 10

Roy Moore is just super, and let’s teach the Bible in public schools! Contains political arguments cadged from both The Lord of the Rings and Braveheart.

3 responses to “Falling out of love with George

  1. Mac! You should’ve googled the author of the second article! It’s Marvin Olasky, the guy from whom Bush picked up the term “compassionate conservatism.” He’s a UT at Austin J-School prof who edits this little publication. (He’s not very well liked, to make an understatement, but he has tenure – or so I once remember reading. Memory can fail, but … )

  2. I thought that the name looked familiar. Thanks. So “compassionate conservatism” involves teaching the Bible in public schools, huh? What First Amendment?

  3. I can see the use of the Bible in school, for a Literature class. Even though I went to a Catholic HS (what else would you go to in New Orleans), my English V professor was an agnostic and he showed logical reaossn to explain all Biblical phonomena, but he wanted us to knwo teh Bible for how much inspiration it adds to literature.

    I wonder how the Bible as Literature would go over in public schools. I suspect both factiosn would take offense to it, which is always a good sign.

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