Daily Archives: February 5, 2004

Drop Dead, Howard

Dean finally has a “drop dead” date–February 17th.

As you all know by now, Howard Dean has finally set an agenda for his drop dead date: Tuesday, February 17th. If he doesn’t win Wisconsin, he’s out.

For as unstable as we all know & have seen Howard Dean to be, I am glad he’s at least recognizing what we all know to be true: he’s done. Frankly, he shouldn’t even wait until Wisconsin because he’s about to get swept in Michigan, Maine, Washington, Tennessee, & Virginia, but hey, at least Dean is not going to drag this thing until March or the convention and be this ridiculous “protest” candidate.

Didn’t we have that 4 years ago with Ralph freaking Nader? Look where it got the Democratic party then: 4 years of Bush.

Speaking of Al Gore, I wonder what he has to say about all this. Why do I get the distinct feeling that Gore will be campaigning with John Kerry soon, talking about his years of service in the military and the Senate and their long standing friendship while he stumps for him; then watch Kerry take a sudden tumble as John Edwards rises up & then Gore will start stumping for him and saying Edwards is his “brother from the south” and how great a President he would make.

See a pattern anyone?

Al Gore should just go away.

Mardi Blahs

City plans two zones for ban on alcohol

Mobile is going to rope off a couple of blocks on its Mardi Gras parade route and declare them alcohol-free zones. For Mardi Gras. Speaking as someone who generally doesn’t drink, I can only ask: What’s the point of alcohol-free Mardi Gras?

The city council attorney says he’s recommending that the proposal be amended so the areas can be expanded should they become popular. I don’t think that’s something you’ll have to worry about.

“It’s the ocean, that’s what it’s for.”

Spill may have lasted for months

The (bankrupt) city of Pritchard apparently had sewage leaking into Mobile Bay for months before the leak was detected. It was shut down Tuesday, but the leak apparently started in September, when all of the sudden the sewage flow through a treatment station was halved. They didn’t even notice until December.

Sewer officials were saying that the leak was “only” 200,000 gallons. However, that seems unlikely. It might have been 400,000 gallons a day for five months — 50 or 60 million gallons total. It’s a good thing there’s no life in the ocean that this could bother, huh?

What the heck?


Found in my referrer logs. If anyone can explain what the heck is going on there — all I see, for the most part, is question marks — it’d be appreciated.

For instance…

Chief justice: Shrinking high court could save state $1 million

If they’d eliminated Roy Moore’s job two years ago they could have saved easily that much. But Acting Chief Gorman Houston is talking about shrinking the Court to seven members on a permanent basis by not filling his seat and that of another retiring justice in the upcoming election cycle.

Those oh-so-fiscally-conservative Republicans are against this. They think that this will work against their “tort reform” program. I like the idea better already.

What could possibly go wrong?

Oak Mtn. officials consider burning

Conservation officials are considering “controlled burns” at Oak Mountain State Park in an attempt to spur vegetation growth so the park’s malnourished deer have something to eat. Well, gosh, what a brilliant idea! And nobody ever lost control of a fire. And it’s not like this is a highly popular park in a densely populated area of the state or anything.