Daily Archives: February 8, 2004

$50 fines

South Alabama’s cockfighters

How seriously does Alabama take its ban on cockfighting? So seriously that a breeder comes out in a big story in the Mobile Register, that’s how seriously. So seriously that a cockfighting “advocacy group” says that Alabama is the top state for breeding fighting roosters. So seriously, in fact, that the symbol of the state Democratic Party is not a donkey but a rooster. That is, not seriously at all.

Talk about cheap

Jeffco nets $770,000 in car tag recovery

Approximately 1,700 cars were registered at people’s lake homes to save money on car tags. (The costs vary depending on where you live.) So these are people with at least two houses who wouldn’t pay their fair share of taxes that go to the schools and roads in the county where they live. After a crackdown, now they will. What kind of cars were we talking about?

“We did find Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, high-dollar autos registered to lake houses in Elmore County when the owner was clearly a resident of Mountain Brook or another affluent neighborhood,” Pruitt said.

There are no Ferraris in Elmore County. Tags for a $30,000 car cost $346 less in Elmore than in Jefferson. Yeah, $346 isn’t a negligible amount of money, but they spent a hundred times that on their cars!

Maurice Clarett

The New Republic Online: Easterbrook

Let others tackle Gregg Easterbrook on the Bush Administration’s environmental policy (short answer: Bush is bad for the environment and Easterbrook continues to turn a blind eye). I’ll take on what’s really important: football.

A couple of days ago, a Federal judge overturned an NFL rule that was preventing Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett from entering the league. Easterbrook describes this as the NFL’s “age rule”, but it was not. The NFL does not ban 19-year-olds from competing. (And Clarett is actually 20 — there are already 20-year-olds in the league.) The NFL’s rule was that a player had to be at least three years out of high school to compete. That’s rather a different matter.

The rule wasn’t written to protect NFL quality of play. It was written to protect the NFL’s free farm system, NCAA college football. Hence “three years out of high school” rather than a strict age limit. I expect that if the NFL had a policy that nobody under 20 would be drafted, they would have had a case. “Three years out of high school” is not a meaningful standard, and despite Easterbrook’s mockery the judge had to rule this way.

UPDATE: See the Good Roger Ailes on Easterbrook’s conflict of interest. And in his comments, another conflict is pointed out — a ruling that the NFL was relying upon in its case was made by Gregg Easterbrook’s brother!

Tweet. Tweet. Cough.

CNN.com – Bird flu hits U.S., poultry culled – Feb. 8, 2004

A flock of 12,000 chickens in Delaware was hit. US poultry exports to Japan and South Korea have been suspended. That’s kind of odd, since they already have bird flu in those countries.