Daily Archives: February 9, 2004

One-man race

If the Zogby poll Daily Kos reports is even close to right, this sucker’s over.

This should be fun

AL Candidate Questionnaire Glance

I give you the complete Royite interrogation to be sent to judicial candidates, with translations:
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Thou shalt mind thy own business

Christian group to ask judicial candidates about faith

The “League of Christian Voters” — a bunch of religious fanatics with Royite tendencies and nothing better to do — wants candidates for the Alabama Supreme Court to answer its ten questions. The questions are on “where they attend church, what actions they have taken on anti-abortion issues and whether marriage should be defined as being between a man and a woman.” You know, the usual right-wing invasions of privacy.

What is the League of Christian Voters? Well, if you go to their website, you can see a quote by St. Roy himself will greet you, together with a picture of the Granite Calf itself. On the “second page” — which is on Angelfire, so the group probably isn’t very well capitalized — you’ll see that they’re headquartered in Mobile, where pro-Roy lawsuits are filed. I’ve put together better websites in two hours using a free service, and (as you can see) my design skills aren’t exactly the best.

I was hoping for a list of the questions, but can’t find it. It’s not clear that judicial candidates can answer the questions. Guess who gets to decide: The Judicial Inquiry Commission! Yes, the same people who indicted their hero, Roy Moore! Small world, huh?

Anyway, a word of advice to any Democrats running for office: Don’t answer it. It won’t do you any good.

Booze police

SHC campus abuzz with complaints about alcohol busts

Mobile police are targeting students from Spring Hill College who are drinking in bars. In fact, they’re targeting students who have drank as well; students with alcohol in their bloodstream but who weren’t holding drinks have been arrested. Basically, the cops will raid a bar, look for anyone who looks young, and if they’re underage give them breathalyzers and line up everyone who fails. Fun, yes?

I guess somebody has to

Democrat Swanson challenging Shelby

Who is Johnny Swanson III? He says he’s a retired security consultant who was an MP in the Army, and that he spent 20 years with companies that provide security services to the Federal government. Since I’ve never heard of him, I’ll take his word for it. He says that he favors a flat tax and the abolition of the IRS. Uh-huh. He wouldn’t be a LaRouche Democrat by any chance?

About time

Area public libraries make efforts to attract Hispanics

Nobody’s sure, of course, but there are probably about 50,000 Hispanics in the Birmingham area; the mayor’s office says it’s the sixth-fastest-growing Hispanic community in the country. When I was up there (about four years ago) there was almost nothing in the main Birmingham library intended for Spanish readers.

Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be a comment from the Hoover Public Library, which is within walking distance of the largest concentration of Hispanics in the state. They’re really good there, so I assume they have it covered.