Calpundit: George Bush, Campaign Manager

Kevin Drum looks at George W.’s “missing year”, campaigning for Winton Blount’s doomed Senate campaign here in Alabama. He’s looking for volunteers to comb the libraries in Montgomery and Birmingham to find mention of the future President on October 29 and 30, 1970. At first glance, as a librarian, I would be perfect, but a) I’m really really busy this week, and b) I’m really really lazy pretty much every week. I will try to get out to the University of Alabama this weekend and see what they have. I think they have the Birmingham News microfilmed.

Someone might also check Mobile and Huntsville. I’ll check the Tuscaloosa News if I can.


4 responses to “Alapundit

  1. Glad you’re aware of Kevin’s call to arms; you’re the first guy I thought of when I read his post.

  2. I already checked the Montgomery Public Library. I spent about an hour looking at the 10/27 to 10/30 editions of the Montgomery Advertiser and Alabama Journal. Didn’t find a single reference to Bush anywhere and quite frankly hardly found any references to Blount. It was a tough time for a Republican to be running against a Dixiecrat and the little press coverage that Blount got was all negative. And Bush was only an assistant campaign manager… I don’t think he was high enough on the totem pole to warrant much local press coverage. I think Kevin’s barking up the wrong tree here.

  3. _watch your back my friend_

  4. Most of the Republicans in the state, pre-1980, were centered in Birmingham and Mobile. And the B-News has always been conservative; if any paper in the state was friendly to Blount, it was probably them. I’m sure Blount’s campaign HQ was in Montgomery, but does anyone know where they were active?

    I wish I could get to the Birmingham Public Library. The research library has an index for the News.

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