Daily Archives: February 13, 2004

So did I

State takes another look at scarf rule

And I still think the headscarf ban (which extends to Sikh turbans) is stupid. Governor Riley seems to agree:

“Something like a burka, we can’t allow,” Riley said. “You’ve got to have a photograph that at least identifies a person. But past that, I think we need to look at what other states are doing to see how our policy conflicts with them – see if we can make some adjustments.”

The policy apparently was arbitrarily imposed by the Department of Public Safety, without consulting the Governor or the Legislature. The Legislature can’t change it, it appears. One representative says that Muslims and Sikhs should just sue. She notes that this is the only way discrimination ever gets ended around here: “We haven’t done well at doing the right thing.”


Yahoo! News – Canada Condemns ‘Racist’ Conan O’Brien TV Show

Canadians are mortally offended that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog insulted French-Canadians. I know, it’s a shock. Apparently, Canadian English differs from American more than I thought; in the US, the French aren’t generally considered a race.

Bird flu update

Bad news all around:

WHO:Chances of Recovery From Bird Flu ‘Not Good’

They don’t have much information yet (ten victims in Vietnam) but it appears that the incubation period for avian influenza in humans is 2-4 days, and only one of the ten has recovered from the disease. We can’t tell yet — and maybe mild cases aren’t recognized and treated — but an 80-90 percent fatality rate is possible. This makes SARS look… well, like a cold.

Pennsylvania Becomes Latest US State to Report Outbreak of Bird Flu

When New Jersey and Delaware reported it, Pennsylvania was only a matter of time. It’s still the strain first reported in Delaware, far less virulent and apparently not a danger to humans. Asian countries that already have bird flu are still banning US imports of poultry, and if that makes sense to you please explain it to me.

Reuters AlertNet – World Bank lends flu-hit Vietnam farmers $10 mln

I guess that will help. The government’s giving out about $1 per destroyed bird, though, and 30 million have already been culled. The entire Vietnamese poultry industry is in danger.

The Continuing Insanity of Grover Norquist

washingtonpost.com: GOP Activists Chafe at H&R Block Hire

Grover Norquist is outraged because H&R Block hired — get this! — a Democrat as senior VP and chief legal officer. The bastards! Choice Norquist quote:

“They run a Democratic shop. They’re insulting to Republicans. They don’t understand Republicans.”

I don’t know about them, but I understand Republicans all too well. Norquist is also outraged because Block hands out bribes makes campaign donations equally to both parties. Rarely has the phrase “partisan witch hunt” seemed quite so apt.

(Via The Rage Diaries.)

My God, he’s stupid

Moore: Court failed to weigh order’s legality

At a certain stage, even I weary of pointing out Roy Moore’s idiocy. But in brief:

1) The legality of a Federal court order is not for a state court (or lower Federal court) to determine. The orders stand. If you don’t like them, you appeal.

2) Moore did appeal the ruling and his appeal was denied by the Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court refused to grant a stay, indicating that (at minimum) the justices didn’t think the order was illegal. Thompson’s order didn’t even go into effect until the appeals court ruled!

3) The Court of the Judiciary insinuated that it would not have removed Moore if he’d given them a choice, but he was saying that he’d do the same thing again. They only removed him because of a pledge to (essentially) keep the state in a permanent series of Federal court challenges until they got rid of him.

W Go Home!

Dental records put Bush at Dannelly, not Texas

Calpundit is AWOL Central, but I really want to know why Bush was still in Alabama in January of 1973, two months after the election he was supposed to be working on. (And at a time he says now, or said in his “auto”biography he was in Houston.) Alabama had enough trouble at the time without the ne’er-do-well sons of the Eastern elite wandering around doing God knows what.

Dumbass spelling error of the day

Yahoo! Search Results for Are miners getting married without their parents consent?

Well, most miners are adults, so generally they’re allowed to get married without their parents’ consent, unless you’re in a really extreme patriarchal society or something.