Daily Archives: February 15, 2004


Perverse Access Memory: I Didnít Bring Them With Me, Honest

Ginger reports that a gaggle of Southern Baptist missionaries are going to New York to preach to the heathen. One of their focuses will be upon Jews. That’s going to go over really well.

Throwing up still not regulated

Poll: Majority favors regulating throws

There’s a rule or something that the University of South Alabama has to do a poll every week. So they polled people about Mardi Gras. “Most” Mobile residents would favor a rule regulating what parade participants could throw off their floats. The City Council had considered a ban on throwing “hard balls, rubber balls, condoms, dolls with explicit sexual organs and food requiring refrigeration or freezing.” This being Mobile, I bet the condoms were what they were really upset about.

That’s a good one

Lawyer accuses prosecutors of trying to smear Scrushy

Said lawyer says that even though the tapes, listened to in their entirety, exonerate his client, he wants them supressed anyway. Make your own conclusions. He also says that the Feds are trying the case in the media.

Two for one

Federal courtroom gets makeover

A major renovation is underway for the eighth-floor courtroom in the Hugo Black Federal Courthouse, which is supposed to house both the Eric Rudolph and the Richard Scrushy trials this year. (Rudolph wants his trial moved.) They’re expanding to 120 seats and generally making it look nice. They also wired the jury assembly room downstairs (including 32-inch plasma monitors!) so that overflow media can watch along. You know, lots of neat stuff.


Commandments go public outside court

Ed Marger, who says he’s a liberal (but mentored Bob Barr!) put up a Ten Commandments plaque on the outside of a building owned by his wife. And if she says it’s okay, it’s okay. He can put up all the plaques he wants as long as he keeps them out of the courthouse. It’s just a strange thing to do. He says he’s motivated by the First Amendment.