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More Constitution Party fun

Why Christians Should Not Vote for George W. Bush

There are two ways a story with that headline would go. One is to point out that the friendliness to wealth and condemnation of “sinners” typical of this White House is hardly the message of Jesus of Nazareth. A number of liberal Christians have made this argument.

This is from the “Intellectual [sic] Conservative”, so they take the other tack. George W. Bush is the candidate most friendly to right-wing Christianity of any President of my lifetime — indeed, of most anyone now living’s lifetime –but that isn’t enough for this guy. The chairman of the Ohio Constitution Party (the party that’s already offered St. Roy Moore its Presidential nomination and is the greatest concentration of right-wing religious fanatics this side of Teheran) starts out by bringing Nero into it and finishes up with these two gems of paragraphs:

Itís time that Christians make the same vow: never again will we use our influence or our vote or a single red cent to encourage one drop of innocent bloodshed. We will draw a line in the sand far enough to the right that no pro-abortion fanatics, homosexual activistss, or God-haters can win our allegiance. Like Gideonís Army, the Lord may dwindle us down to a zealous few before the victorious battle, but it will be a few out of whom God can get some glory.

As for me and my house, we will support and vote for a Presidential candidate that is pro-life without exceptions, who will not capitulate to the militant homosexuals, and who will constrain themselves to the Constitution upon which our nation was founded.

In between, it’s the usual hard-line purism about how George Bush doesn’t hate gays enough and isn’t doing enough to destroy a woman’s right to choose and isn’t wearing a hair shirt and living on a pillar in the middle of the desert, etc. I love it. Keep it up, guys. “President Kerry” is getting closer and closer.

The tour hits Montana

Ousted judge to speak in GF – greatfallstribune.com

This is far off of St. Roy’s usual haunts. As usual, he has a local supporter who is possibly even more insane than he is, in this case state Constitution Party chairman Jonathan Martin, who speaks of Moore as a prophet. I mean it, this is literal Biblical language:

“I am proud to have Chief Moore appear in Montana because of the courageous stands he took,” said Martin, who has run for the Montana Legislature twice. “I admire Roy Moore, who is willing to stand up for his principles and those of the Bible in spite of detractors.

I believe he has been raised up by God for a purpose in America, not just because of Christian or religious issues but because of constitutional issues. Alabama had a federal judge telling the state what to do about issues of religion, and that’s wrong.

“I want Montanans to come and hear what Justice Moore has to say, even if they oppose what he did and think he violated the rule of law,” Martin added.

“Raised up by God?” Consider, particularly, Judges 2:16: “Then the LORD raised up judges, who saved them out of the hands of these raiders.” (New International Version.) As my old law professors would say (I think, I never paid that much attention), that’s on point. Other fun Bible citations: Judges 3:9, 1 Kings 14:7, Jeremiah 29:15. And in particular, the 80th Psalm, where “raised up” is used twice in what was later interpreted as a messianic prophesy. And finally, Acts 3:26:

“Unto you first God, having raised up his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities.”

So, Roy Moore is at minimum a prophet. And, possibly, the Second Coming. This doesn’t look good for me at all.

That’s the Times for you

An Insolent Puppet Roils Canadian Politics

They can even make a headline about a potential international incident prompted by a sock puppet dull. It’s an excellent newspaper to poop on.

I watched some of the shows out of Toronto, and what strikes me is that the Canadian whiners didn’t seem to have any problems with the constant America-bashing that the audience lapped up. Not to sound like a typical warblogger or something, but just thought I’d point that out. Okay, Conan and most of his staff are American, but it actually got a little ugly a couple of times. So much Canadian humor — excuse me, humour — is basically attacks upon Americans, but God forbid anyone should make fun of Canada or you’ll never hear the end of it. But what should we expect from a “nation” whose national identity is entirely made up of not being American? Oh, and hockey.

This whole thing sounds absolutely insane to me, and probably to most Americans. You can’t make fun of someone for speaking French? It’s racist to point out linguistic differences? French-Canadians are a protected class? I occasionally watch a Conan show, and in most of them it seems there’s at least one attack on Southerners. And I don’t mind.

Anniston (Where They Eat Dirt) Update

nbc13.com – News – Low Number Of Black Police Officers In Anniston

For once, a story on Anniston not about hazardous chemical waste! It’s about an apparently racist police department instead. In a city where the population is about half black and where thirty years ago a Federal court ordered the police department better integrated, there are eight black police officers. Out of 99. Other cities in eastern Alabama have similar ratios — one in 24 in Jacksonville, and none out of 41 in Oxford.

We have a Strom warning system?

Jefferson County to expand strom warning system

But Strom Thurmond’s been dead for a couple of years now.

A story with the corrected headline has been posted. But they left the old one up too. Oops!

That’s easy for you to say

CNN.com – Teens promote abstinence with ‘Day of Purity’ – Feb. 13, 2004

Okay, look at the guy lower right. Take it from me, abstinence isn’t a lifestyle choice in his case. Hey, I’ve been there.

I have no idea why this story was on the front of the CNN page now when the 2004 Anti-Sex Festival “Day of Purity” was Friday.

So we’ll be fine

Vaccine could be made quickly if Asian bird flu goes global, U.S. officials say

If we actually do develop a vaccine for the new bird flu strain, it could be manufactured quickly and in quantity. Health officials say they could make the needed 270 million doses to protect Americans if the flu jumps to humans and reaches pandemic status. Asians, I suppose, are on their own. The manufacture would take the same amount of time as the usual number of doses they make for flu. And we never run out of those, do we?