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Kerry smear no. 1,783

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Big Media Matt points to a fun one, Bob Dornan claiming that John Kerry’s service record doesn’t count. First, B-1 Bob says that Kerry joined the Navy to avoid combat. When it’s pointed out that Kerry in fact commanded a river boat and saw combat, Dornan then says he left after two months. As Matt points out, it was closer to four, and Kerry was wounded three times before he was pulled out.

What really gets me is that Dornan (who was in the Air Force Reserve) spent the Vietnam era crashing airplanes and making movies.

More confident every day

Counting the old-fashioned way

The automatic voting machines in the Georgia House failed today, postponing a budget vote. They had to send to Virginia to get someone to repair it. Meanwhile, voting continued by the show of hands method.

Thanks a lot, Peru

Crying shame: Tests confirm 2 new viruses in Vidalia onions

Both a new insect — “onion thrips” — and a virus carried by the insect — “iris yellow spot” — have been detected in the Vidalia onion crop. Both probably came from Peru. Which sells sweet onions, too. Biosabotage!

Another virus, “tomato spotted wilt”, has also been discovered. However, this virus also attacks tobacco plants, so it’s okay by me.

I say carve them into Stone Mountain

GOP introduces bill allowing display of Ten Commandments

It would have to be better than the Giant Confederates.

Georgia Republicans — always a particularly disturbing subset of the breed — have written a bill allowing state and local governments to put up those “historical significance” displays. The AG would have to defend any display that contained the Decalogue as well as two other documents — the Mayflower Compact and the Declaration of Independence. Why those two? Probably because they mention God. It’s very close to the line; I don’t know if this is unconstitutional or not. I figure some displays would still be unconstitutional — for instance, a great big Ten Commandments sculpture flanked by little plaques with the others. In the end, this won’t satisfy anyone, because the Royites want the Commandments to stand alone.

So much for my job

Amish Tech Support: Then the librarians got smart… decided our fate in a microsecond…

I always figured it would get outsourced to some librarian in Calcutta, except that even in Calcutta these wages aren’t all that great. But you don’t have to pay robots. Yet. I think when they replace me I’ll become a robot union organizer.

This is “moving on up”?

CNN.com – ‘Mister Ed’ gets a new voice – Feb. 17, 2004

Sherman Hemsley is the new, “urban” Mr. Ed. I quote last Sunday’s The Simpsons, guest voice Isabel Sanford: “George Jefferson, wherever you are, we love you, and please come home.”

Damn you, Andre 3000!

CNN.com – Polaroid warns buyers not to ‘Shake It’ – Feb. 17, 2004

Polaroid says you’re not supposed to shake your Polaroid picture. The surprising thing is that anyone’s still taking Polaroid pictures. This Outkast thing is probably the best marketing the company’s had in a couple of decades.