Daily Archives: February 19, 2004

Life support

NASA plane jobs may stay in place

Development by the designers of the dead Space Plane project will continue at least until June. They’ll be working on the new space module; local legislators and officials want to keep that in Huntsville. The transition contract makes that more likely.

Fresh slime from Fox

FOXNews.com – You Decide 2004 – Wealthy Candidates Tout Populist Message

I really shouldn’t even bother with these guys… The “wealthy candidates” in question are Kerry and Edwards. The faux-populism of G.W. Bush — the son of a President and grandson of a Senator, scion of wealth, child of privilege, cutter of taxes on the hyperrich? That’s okay.

Edwards, of course, grew up poor. Kerry didn’t, and the populism doesn’t work as well coming from him. But there’s no reason that you can’t sympathize with the poor just because you aren’t and never have been. That’s just Bush’s problem, not a general one.

That’s irony for you

Montgomery to honor boycott with bus

A replica of the bus Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of is being assembled from two old buses and will be put on the downtown route to commemorate next year’s 50th anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The Federal government is picking up 80 percent of the $197,000 tab.

Roy Roundup

I am confused:

(CHIBM March)

(Montgomery) — Rev. Franklin Raddish, director of Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministries organizes march for “American Christian Heritage,” 11 a.m., Commerce Avenue. Contact: Rev. Franklin Raddish, 864-915-0523.

(CHIBM Meeting)

(Montgomery) — Rev. Franklin Raddish, director of Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministries, hosts meeting calling for reinstatement of Chief Justice Roy Moore, 11 a.m., Alabama State Capitol. Contact: Rev. Franklin Raddish, 864-915-0523.

How can Rev-Rad be in two places at once? Is this one of those miracles? If so, isn’t that kind of petty? I don’t think there even is a Commerce Avenue in Montgomery, though there’s a Commerce Street. (Any Montgomery readers want to chime in?)

Star Telegram | 02/19/2004 | God, government and legal garbage

The Fort Worth paper chimes in on what it calls the “Roy Moore Gets to Flout the Constitution Act.” I’m going to steal that. I haven’t been able to find a copy of the bill, but it seems to be even more insane than I thought — no surprise considering the source. Also, from the Birmingham News: Shelby knows better: Senator joins Roy Moore’s army. They’re generally incredulous that Richard Shelby — who certainly doesn’t believe Roy’s crap — is so insecure as to sponsor the RMGFC Act.

Yes, it was an unpopular ruling. But that shouldn’t be an invitation for congressional meddling, particularly for an attempt to short-circuit the authority of federal courts. Indeed, the commandments dispute shows why our courts need to be independent from elected representatives such as Shelby. Courts are there to protect the precious rights of minorities – including Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and others – who aren’t likely to prevail politically. It’s the same protection that those of us in the religious majority would want if the situation were reversed – and the same protection that makes America different than, say, Iran.

Except for that whole Muslim thing, Roy would love Iran. Let’s name him the ambassador. [Joke deleted for extreme bad taste.]

Preparing to sanctify bigotry

House panel OKs constitutional ban of same-sex unions

Gay marriage is already illegal in Alabama, but that’s not enough for the Alabama House’ Constitution and Elections Committee. They want to put this in the state constitution, already the longest constitution in the world.

Since it would have to be voted on by the public, the House Republicans were hoping to put it up for a vote in the 2004 general election. Democrats voted that part down and pushed it to the 2006 primary elections, when it couldn’t be used against them.

Update on roads to nowhere

Delta highway projects have Senate support

The Federal highway bill provides $480 million over six years to the Delta Regional Authority to fight poverty in southeastern Mississippi and southwestern Alabama. Richard Shelby attached this to the bill at the last minute. This is exactly the sort of thing the President has been complaining about.

That part of the country is a chicken-and-egg situation. Is it so poor because there aren’t any roads, or are there no roads because it’s so poor? Generally, there’s very little going on south of I-59 until you get to Mobile and Biloxi on the coast. I feel for the region’s inhabitants, but spending millions on highways to connect nowhere in particular to the network still seems like a lost cause to me. I do appreciate Shelby trying to to something about the problem.

The Texas Souffle

the Progressive Southerner | George W. Bush’s Lost Year in 1972 Alabama

Portrait of the President as a callow young man:

Bush also made an impression on the “Blue-Haired Platoon,” a group of older Republican Women working for Blount. Behind his back they called him “the Texas soufflé,” Archibald said, because he was “all puffed up and full of hot air.”

Lots more, all of which fits the usual picture of George W. Bush (then usually called “George Bush Jr.”) in the early seventies. Personally, I don’t care a whole lot — hey, I voted for Clinton. But the Republicans want to be the God Party.