Shut up, Larry

Vulcan, ‘Christ’ reunion at issue

The first thing you need to know is that Jefferson County Commission President Larry Langford is insane. He was insane when he was mayor of Fairfield (and convinced everybody that the solution to all the problems of the suburbs west of Birmingham could be solved by building an amusement park) and he’s insane now. It’s a refreshing sort of insanity, the sort of insanity that you need a little of to get anything done, but he’s still wacko.

So anyway, for obscure Roy Moore-type reasons, he wants the bust of Christ to go on display in Vulcan Park, even though the people who run Vulcan Park say they can’t handle it and the state Department of Archives and History (which owns the bust) says they won’t give it up. Langford now is talking about withholding county funds from the park and seeking reimbursement for any funds already given if he doesn’t get his way.


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