Daily Archives: February 20, 2004

Pryor’s in

Bush to again use recess appointment to put Democratic-opposed nominee on appeals court

Charles Schumer claims that Bush’s recess appointment of Bill Pryor is to bolster himself with Republican conservatives before the election. The money Republicans, maybe; the religious nutjobs are angry at Pryor for not supporting Roy Moore’s crusade.

Leaving aside Pryor’s conduct in the Moore matter — in which he realistically had no choice — he was and is still a terrible pick for a Federal Appeals seat. Pryor is a right-wing hack who has repeatedly attacked court decisions that aren’t sufficiently conservative for his taste. He is a resolutely political Attorney General who has flip-flopped opinions depending upon which party would benefit. (In 1998 he issued an opinion supporting appeal of a close race when a Republican narrowly lost; in the 2002 gubernatorial race he changed his mind and said the Democrat couldn’t appeal his close loss.) And despite how things wound up, until Moore started saying he didn’t have to obey the Federal courts Pryor resolutely supported the Granite Calf even though it was an obvious First Amendment violation.

He’s right up Bush’s alley. (Via Atrios.)

Dr. Demento

Ex-supporter says Dean is ‘nuts’

The president of AFSCME, the public employees union, says that shortly before he withdrew his union’s support of Howard Dean he’d reached the conclusion that the candidate was “nuts”. My question: Why couldn’t he figure that out before he endorsed Dean? Because this way, you look really stupid.

Oh, I say!

CNN.com – Piranha found in London’s Thames – Feb. 20, 2004

Look at it this way… It’s actually good news that there are piranha in the Thames! Thirty years ago, nothing lived there, and now it’s home to 119 types of fish.

The river, of course, is too cold for piranha to fully establish themselves. Well, for now. Give it a few decades.

Take one Mardi Gras…

And add sailors:

Navy’s in port for Carnival

Oh boy.

Well, that’s weird

Google Search: captain renault

I just got three identical Google searches for this in a row. And it wasn’t the same guy — it was from three wildly different IPs. Is Casablanca on?

Congratulations, Bob!

Riley administration changes rules on head scarves

It only took a month to change a policy which was made for no reason and which nobody will admit to creating. From now on, people will be allowed to wear head coverings in their driver’s license photos if it’s for a religious or health reason.

Raddish Rallies for Roy

Rally supports Moore

Rev. Frank Raddish managed to come up with “about two dozen men, women, and children” to march up to the Capitol steps. It was a nice day for once, and really he should have had a better turnout.

Rev-Rad is calling upon the governor to re-appoint St. Roy to the vacant chief justice’s seat when the appeal fails. (Well, he says “if” the appeals fail, but come on.) He says that the governor wouldn’t rule it out. The governor’s spokesman says that the governor said there was no decision to be made yet. Raddish is also opposed to Bill Pryor’s appointment to the Federal bench, because Pryor followed the law and we can’t have that.