Daily Archives: February 24, 2004

Jeez, Ma!

A Bible based diet aimed at Christians

Not loaves and fishes again!

That’s nice

Oscar Ads to Be ‘Tasteful’

I assume that the ceremony will still be garish and overwrought?

Oh, no

Rooney Calls Gibson ‘Wacko,’ Drawing Ire

I… I… Oh my God…


Especially when I see he also called Pat Robertson a wacko. I’m having a severe identity crisis here. I need to lie down.

The forsaken

As Moore’s movement grows, interest in ouster, marker cases wane

Suddenly, instead of the hundreds of supporters who were showing up to protect the Granite Calf, there are only a couple of dozen trying to intimidate the temporary Supreme Court into reinstating St. Roy. There are two ways you can look at this. One is to say that he doesn’t have all that many strong supporters and most of them got bored and floated away. The other way is to say that they’re focusing on the “movement” and his attempts to subvert the Constitution.

Poor monkeys

Scientists Test Potential of Bird Flu

They’re testing on monkeys to see how the bird flu virus behaves in the human body. Then they’re going to see if combining the bird flu virus with normal human flu will cause a combination. Of course, you know what happens next. The virus will mutate, the monkey will escape, and we’ll all die. We’ve seen this movie.

Not chopped

Army grounds helicopter program

Somehow, even though the Comanche program is dead (well, until some Congressman decides to make the Army build yet another helicopter it doesn’t want) nobody in Huntsville, where the program was managed, is losing their job.

The Congressman might be Terry Everett, who is (a) from Alabama, (b) on the Armed Services Committee, and (c) says that “there still is a case to be for the Comanche”. There’s always one.