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Caption: “This artist’s rendering shows what researchers think the carnivorous dinosaur may have looked like.” Apparently, it was very flat and spun around on its side.

CNN.com – Two new dinosaur species found in Antarctica – Feb. 26, 2004

They’re not new of course. They’re 70 million years old! They mean new to us. One was a man-size carnosaur (pictured), the other another enormous plant-eater.

That’s U.N. force

CNN.com – Caribbean states call for U.N. force in Haiti – Feb. 26, 2004

The United States can’t send a force, because… uh… we don’t have anyone to send. I hope nobody invades us while all the soldiers are in Iraq. I can’t imagine that we’d look too fondly on a French force, or any European soldiers at all in our backyard. Which means we’d be looking at Latin American soldiers, mostly. Where from? Mexico? Brazil?

Meanwhile, the Bush Brothers are at the double standard game again. W is warning Haitians to not look here to escape from their country getting even worse than usual, and Jeb says that a group of migrants are “hijackers”. I wouldn’t mind this so much if they held Cuban migrants to the same standards. Jeb:

[U]nless they have a well-founded fear of persecution that is specific and meets the criteria of our laws, they should be sent back.”

Jeb, there’s a flipping civil war going on. I think they have a pretty reasonable fear of persecution. But apparently that only counts if it’s a socialist government doing the persecuting, not roaming gangs of thugs that have taken over the country.

Tasteless joke

CNN.com – Actor who played ‘Superstar’ Judas dead – Feb. 26, 2004

Carl Anderson, who played Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar, saw The Passion and it was just so realistic, he committed suicide.

Not really; he died of leukemia. I generally don’t think much of Superstar, or of Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals generally, but Anderson rocked in the movie — he was easily the best thing about it.

Clean Eye for the Stinky Guy

dailyrecord – HOW LOW CAN TELLY GO?

Yes, it’s time for this week’s degrading reality show! Once again, it comes from Britain, home of some of the most degrading and disturbing reality programs. In this case it’s Too Posh To Wash, in which dirty people are nominated by their friends to get washed by a “cleaning expert”.

Centauwion, thwow him to the fwoor!

I haven’t seen The Passion and I honestly don’t have any interest in it. Apparently, it’s basically a splatter picture, plus all the local showings are infested with right-wing religious fanatics and those people make my teeth itch.
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That’s his job

Lawyer asks court to return Moore

Roy Moore’s lawyer also says that his client isn’t seeking to restore the Granite Calf. He has to say that, but it goes against St. Roy’s public statements before and after his removal. I suppose it’s possible he’s been debounced, but I wouldn’t count on it.

For one thing, his lawyer is continuing the same line of borderline insane rhetoric that’s been St. Roy’s stock in trade throughout the ordeal. Judge Thompson says he didn’t want to define religion? That means he can’t interpret the Constitution! If that makes sense to you, please explain it to me.

St. Roy’s lawyer actually says that he wants the special court to rule that Moore didn’t have to follow the Federal Court order. And he just lost his appeal. There is no way in hell that the court is going to rule that a judge doesn’t have to obey a Federal order, especially a Federal order upheld by an appeals court.

I’m not

Everett questions copter action

The Army couldn’t, in good conscience, keep the Comanche program alive. Helicopters are sitting ducks right now with surface-to-air missiles seemingly cheaper than Ahmed Chalabi’s virtue. UAVs can do the surveillance part of the copter’s job without putting lives at risk.

So, they’re offering to buy Everett off, of course. They say that sure, there will be plenty of money saved by this, and we’ll be certain to spend lots of it on pilot training in Alabama!