Some “mistake” – Flap over Jewish travel visa ban – Feb. 28, 2004

I’m late to this story, but I was busy… The government of Saudi-occupied Arabia posted a notice on its tourism website that Jews wouldn’t be issued travel visas to the country. An embassy spokesman says that this was posted “by mistake”. Uh-huh. So either they don’t have such a policy, and some flunky put it up there for no good reason, or they do have such a policy, and it’s a secret, or they do have such a policy and can’t figure out why everyone got upset.

2 responses to “Some “mistake”

  1. My one question is: Why would a Jew want to travel to Saudi Arabia? Hopefully we will set our sights on Saudi Arabia, and find a way to get rid of the Saudi royal family and the Wahaabi faction.

  2. I was surprised by this flap, too. Coworkers and friends who travel in the Middle East routinely have two passports, one for Israel, one for the rest of the area. Based on what I had seen, it is SOP for Saudi Arabia to deny visas, and stop travellers who had so much as visited Israel in the past. Being Jewish may be slightly more difficult for them to ascertain, but given that Israel == Jew for Arabs nowadays, why would this be a big surprise… Oh, our lovely allies.

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