Hello, Great Falls!

Alabama judge brings case for commandments to Civic Center – greatfallstribune.com

Meanwhile, while his lawyers were trying to get Moore his job back (and St. Roy only wants his job back, right?) the man himself took the Roy Moore Ten Commandments tour to Great Falls, Montana.

Rocking a crowd of about 1000 disciples, St. Roy broke out one of his old favorites, “The issue is not about that 2 1/2-ton monument or the Ten Commandments itself. It’s about being able to acknowledge the God upon whom this nation is founded.” He followed with “I’m accused of disobeying a federal judge’s order, but that judge can’t make the law,” and “the Alabama review committee criticized me for not showing contrition, and they’re right, I didn’t,” to shouts of “Wahoo,” “Right on,” “Amen,” and “Freebird!”

Later, he went with some old favorites like “The phrase Separation of Church and State does not appear in the Constitution,” and finished with a call-and-response to the tune of “Shall we forsake the Lord God of our fathers?”

Moore groupie David Karvwnaris says that “I feel more and more that the lawyers are taking over the country and feathering their own nests.” Does he know that St. Roy is a lawyer? (Though not for long if I get my way. Disbar him already!)


Party’s enlistment of militia upsets human rights group – greatfallstribune.com

The Constitution Party, which has offered St. Roy its Presidential spot and which organized the appearance, enlisted the Militia of Montana to promote the event. The former chairman of the Party in Montana (the story doesn’t say who he is but I looked him up) says that “I don’t know a lot about the Militia of Montana, but am not opposed to it and agree with some of their ideas.” He said it, not me.

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